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Re: The Million Dollar Baby

Oct 2, 2009

Thanks Teabag.


Well - I'm over 60 years old and have been online or years and years.


I remember the lawn tractor forums. The guys with the John Deere LAWM MOWERS (LOL), figured everyone else was scum.


These days their precious (back then totally over priced LAWM MOWERS) (I cap that because they they thought they were tractors lol) are found just like other cheapies in the doorway of Home Depot. You should have heard the fights in that place.


"My dealer said this or that" ....... it was really kind of funny. The JD fanboys were so full of it lol. 


I did a thread called "Green Horse Pucky - Fact Or Fiction" and had the entire place (except the John Deere owners) busting their gut.


They always talked about their "investment". Part of my thread was "you could retire on your investment if you bought several John Deere tractors (lawn mowers). Oh boy did that fire up those guys lol.


 Insulting (mostly attempts to insult) people on these forums - shows more about the person trying to lob the insult than the supposed receiver of the insult.


I gripe about a few things ............ so what - don't read it.


I don't pay an attention to text speak or jibberish or crazy talk .......... why do others?


My rants are about games or companies - never about a person.


It is NONE OF MY BUSINESS what others think of games or anything else.


I it not my job to "set them straight' - I have no urge at all to try to clean up anyone's act. It is simply none of my business what they think about anything.


On any forums .... there is always the self crowned "experts" ...... I don't pay much attention to them either.


People are entitled to their opinion. If it is different than my opinion so what. It don't make them stupid - it only means they have a different opinion.


I have pretty thick skin. I've seen all kinds of attempts to insult others. To me it is childish. We have to consider the source of the attempted insults. I don't pay much attention to people trying to insult others. Me or anyone else.






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Re: The Million Dollar Baby

Oct 2, 2009
this thread has surpassed its useful life.
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