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The GT5 Update Tome.

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 Here is a list from newest to oldest of all the updates given to GT5. As I or we find things that are not listed the can be posted here as well.. I will find as many of the links as I can and put them under or next too the update it goes with. So here it goes.


2.08    Thread






GTP's Change Log


^ Covers 2.04 as well


  2.04 Thread  




2.02   Theard  




2.00   Thread












1.06   Thread  




Update Notice (2.08)

Last Updated: Sep 25, 2012


A new update has been released for Gran Turismo 5. The main contents of the update are as follows:
- It is now possible to select "Disable collisions" in the [Event Settings] of online races.
- ID’s are now shown above cars when watching online races.
- The response of the clutch pedal when using the steering wheel controllers "G25 Racing Wheel", "G27 Racing Wheel", "T500RS and TH8RS" have been adjusted.
- The rate of tire wear in endurance races has been slowed. (Excluding formula cars)
- The amount of air resistance change when altering aerodynamic wing settings has been increased.
- The autopilot has been adjusted to prevent colliding with the wall when exiting the pit lane on the Tsukuba circuit.
- Adjusted the changes in control characteristic when altering vehicle height from standard height. (Vehicle height can be changed by adjusting ride height, either by installing a suspension kit or adjusting a full customizable suspension kit.)
[Correction of Known Issues] - Corrected an issue where experience and rewards were not awarded when racing online on the Twin Ring Motegi. - Corrected an issue where the tires become changed when resuming an interrupted endurance race. - Corrected an issue where when switching from a setting sheet with dirt/snow tires to a sheet with normal tires, the dirt/snow tires remain displayed. - Lessened an issue where the tires and car would jump violently when going over angled bumps on road surfaces or sharp cornerstones. - Corrected an issue where there was a problem with the Twin Ring Motegi Course name displayed when searching in the Open Lobby. - Improved an issue where it was difficult to hear your own car when driving with other cars in online races, etc.




GT5 INFORMATIONUpdate Notice (2.06)

Last Updated: May 22, 2012


A new update has been released for Gran Turismo 5. The main contents of the update are as follows:
- It is now possible to adjust the race BGM and sound effect volume from "Quick Options" during a race.
- A save data backup feature has been added.
- Compatibility for the sequential shift mode of the Guillemot "TH8 RS" gear shifter has been added.
- A "Performance Difference Adjustment" has been added to the rewards for seasonal events (Applies only to seasonal events held after this update).
- Force feedback for the "Driving Force™GT", "GT FORCE®Pro", "G25 Racing Wheel", " G27 Racing Wheel", and " T500 RS" steering wheel controllers have been improved.
- A car with racing modifications applied are now categorized as a Racing Car (previously Tuned Car).
- The off-track shortcut penalty has been tweaked.
- A new GT5 Photo Stream service has started on Photographs taken in Photo Mode and set to "Share" will now appear on a web page viewable by all visitors. - GT5 Photo Stream
[Correction of Known Issues] - Fixed a problem where Karts and Ferrari F1 cars could drive together with other cars in the Lounge - Fixed a rarely occurring issue in which the system freezes when exiting the lounge - Fixed a problem where you could purchase tires for the 125 SPL racing Kart in the tuning parts shop (Tires purchased previously will now become invalid) - Fixed a problem in which the straight-line stability of the Lancer Evolution X was decreased when using a steering wheel controller - Fixed an issue where wrong color dirt and snow tire wheels were displayed on some cars when the wheels were changed - Fixed delay when launchiing electric cars using controllers other than a steering wheel controller pedal - Fixed a rarely occurring issue where the system would freeze at the end of a race - Fixed an issue where it becomes difficult to hear your own car when driving with other racecars in online races, etc.


    Update Notice (2.05)  Last Updated: Feb 15, 2012  A new update has been released for Gran Turismo 5. The main contents of the update are as follows:   - The issue regarding experience and rewards in online races has now been fixed.



Update Notice (2.04)  Last Updated: Feb 06, 2012  A new update has been released for Gran Turismo 5. The main contents of the update are as follows:   - Improved the performance of online races to provide a better racing experience. However, please note that using voice chat with 12 or more players can reduce screen refresh intervals.

  - Reduced wobbling of the screen when using the Chase view (The Chase view is when the car is viewed from the rear during races and replays, selected by using the SELECT button).

  - Electric cars (opponent cars and your cars in B-Spec) will now pit-in automatically to recharge the battery.

  - Reduced the amount of steering pull when using force feedback steering wheel controllers in banks on courses such as the Special Stage Route X Oval.

  - When driving formula cars using the Logitech steering wheel controllers, the initial force feedback amount has been lessened and adjusted to make it easier to drive in a straight line. Applicable controllers: Driving Force™ GT, G25 Racing Wheel?G27 Racing Wheel, GT Force®Pro, GT Force®?Driving Force™, GT Force®RX and Driving Force Wireless Applicable cars: Red Bull X2011, Red Bull X2010, Ferrari F10, Ferrari F2007, Formula Gran Turismo

  [Correction of Known Issues] - Fixed an issue where speedometer, race position and best lap time info are sometimes not displayed on the 2nd player side in 2P Battle Mode. - Fixed an issue where exhaust sound is heard even after switching from a combustion engine car to an electric car within the same online race. - Fixed an issue where if the game is started without signing in online and then saved, the cars and courses included in the Racing Car Pack and Course Pack would become unusable. - Fixed an issue where electric cars would not recharge in the pit and become immobile. - Fixed an issue where when the oil of the Toyota Prius was changed in GT Auto, the motor ceased to function correctly. - Improved the force feedback of the Guillemot Thrustmaster T500 RS, where the 10 level force feedback adjustment (Especially when using the X2010 and X2011) was not working effectively. Also improved a condition where it was difficult to drive in the intended path. - Improved the force feedback for the Logitech Driving Force™ GT, G25 Racing Wheel, G27 Racing Wheel and GT Force®Pro, where the 10 level force feedback adjustment (Especially when using the X2010 and X2011) was not working effectively.



Update Notice (2.03)  Last Updated: Jan 16, 2012  A new update has been released for Gran Turismo 5. The main contents of the update are as follows:   [DLCs] - New 'Speed Test Course Pack' DLC The Speed Test Course Pack DLC will add a Speed Test feature to Gran Turismo 5 and will be released for sale on the PlayStation®Store from January 17th, 2012. The price of the DLC will be $3.99. The new Special Stage Route X Oval track is also included in this pack as a special stage for performing the tests. Measure the performance of your favorite cars with a variety of test features. When this DLC is purchased, the Special Stage Route X Oval will become available to use in the Arcade Mode, Practice, and in Online races. For details, please follow the link below. - Speed Test Course Pack

  - New 'Car Pack 3' DLC The latest Car Pack 3 DLC will add more new cars to Gran Turismo 5, and will be released for sale on the PlayStation®Store from January 17th, 2012. The price of the DLC will be $5.99. Featuring cars from both past and present, it includes Lamborghini's latest flagship model Aventador, Jaguar XJR-9 LM Racecar, Aston Martin V12 Vantage, 66' Volkswagen 1200, Mini Cooper S Countryman, and Nissan Leaf. For details, please follow the link below. - Car Pack 3

  [Other Improvements] - 12 new My Home theme colors and 12 new wallpapers for [GT Mode] have been added to the game. Please find these from the [My Home Settings]-[My Home Design] menu on the left side of the screen. - Tire wear speed prediction has been added to the pit stop decisions in B-Spec, to prevent tires from wearing out completely during long races. - Regenerative braking (which recovers energy by converting kinetic energy into electricity) in electric cars have been made stronger to extend driving distance. - Electric cars will now also creep forward (as in standard automatic cars) when the brake is released without pressing the accelerator. - Regarding the Chaparral 2J race car's performance points, the increased performance factor due to the downforce produced by the fan is now calculated.

  [Correction of Known Issues] - A issue has been corrected where the car would pit in unintentionally during the last lap of a B spec race.



Update Notice (2.02)  Last Updated: Dec 19, 2011  A new update has been released for Gran Turismo 5. The main contents of the update are as follows:   [DLC] - Introducing the new Car Pack 2 DLC This new Car Pack 2 DLC adds a number of new cars to Gran Turismo 5, and will be made available in the PlayStation®Store from December 20, 2011. The price of the DLC is $3.99. This pack adds 4 new cars - the new and improved 2012 R35 GT-R, Mini MINI COOPER S, Volkswagen Golf VI R, and the Volkswagen Scirocco R.

  [Major Changes and New Features] - Wheels can now be changed on Standard cars Continuing the improvement of standard cars since the addition of simplified interior views in the 2.00 update, wheels of standard cars can now be changed. Select the desired wheels for your car in GT Auto, make your car lighter and improve the looks.

  - Downloadable contents can now be shared by multiple users with the Family Upgrade This Family Upgrade will allow the the Course Pack and Racing Car Pack (including those purchased as a part of the Complete Pack) DLC's released in October 2011 to be used by all acounts on the same PS3™ system. (Planned Release Date: December 20 2011) There are important points to note in this upgrade, so please make sure to read the FAQ below: - FAQ for Family Upgrade

  - Cars purchased through DLC will now appear in the Car Dealerships. The cars purchased in the DLC will now appear in the Car Dealerships. Once you have purchased the Car Pack DLC's, you can purchase additional versions of the same vehicles within the game using earned race credits.

  - A copy feature has been added to the setting sheets A copy button has been added to the lower left of the settings screen. A settings sheet saved in either A/B/C can now be copied to A, B or C. Please use this feature when you wish to slightly modify settings you have already made.

  [Gifts] - Toyota 86 GT '12 - a gift for all We will be giving out the Toyota 86 GT '12 as a holiday gift to all players that have installed the 2.02 update.

  - Free coupons for GT Auto Free coupons have been added that allow you to wash cars, change oil, overhaul your engine, or restore chassis rigidity in GT Auto. 10 coupons will be distributed for free to each of those who have downloaded the 2.02 update.

  - A gift to those purchasing the DLC's We will be giving out an additional car; the Gran Turismo Racing Kart 125 SPL. and five New Car Refresh cards to customers purchasing any of the DLC packs released in October 2011. The New Car Refresh can be used from the Special Coupons option in the items list, and will return your car to its brand new condition (before breaking-in the car's engine). Equipped parts and current paint on the car will not be affected by this card. * This gift will be available by purchasing anything from Course Pack, Racing Car Pack, Racing Gear Pack, Paint Pack and Complete Pack. * This gift will only be made available once per account.

  [Other Improvements] - Pressing the ? button in the car coupon selection screen of the Car Delivery, will now allow you to exchange all car coupons at once (maximum number of coupons you can receive at once is 100). - Tire-wear speed adjustment - In GT Auto you can now see how the oil changes, aerodynamic parts, engine overhauls, and racing modifications will affect performance points and engine power, before and after their application. - In screens where the [Garage] and [Driver List] buttons are displayed in the A/B Spec events, Special Events, and Seasonal Events, pressing the ? button will now show the [Garage], and pressing the ? button will show the drivers list. - An option has now been added for 'Max. number of participants - this is featured in the room settings of My Lounge. - Added ? marks which show the number of Gold Trophies attained in each event, in the event selection screen of seasonal events. - Racing sound effect adjustment - Steering assist controls (used when using certain controllers on Racing Karts) have been adjusted. This applies to steering wheels with a 200 degree turning radius, including the GT Force®?Driving Force™?GT Force®RX?Driving Force Wireless™. The [Steering Type] (Amateur/Professional) settings in the Game Options will be ignored, and the controller's steering angle will now directly affect the tire turning angle of the car.

  [Correction of Known Issues] - Fixed issue where you would overrun without resetting, when entering pit lane at low speed on some tracks. - Fixed issue with Performance Points calculations for the Red Bull X2010 and the X2011. - Fixed issue where the rear wing/aerodynamic settings were reset when switching between setting sheets. - An issue was corrected where the car would become stuck in autopilot from the pit lane if a certain condition is met in an endurance race on the Tsukuba Circuit. Also revised the entry route during pit stops and speed judgement. - Improved multi-monitor stability



Update Notice (2.01)  Last Updated: Oct 26, 2011  A new update has been released for Gran Turismo 5. The main contents of the update are as follows:   [Major Changes and New Features] - Compatibility of Kart Space I/II with cars other than racing Karts It is now possible to race on Kart Space I/II of the DLC in cars other than racing Karts in online races and in the Free Run of Practice. (In the one make races of the Arcade mode and Practice, the courses are still limited to racing Karts.)

  - Expanded the car restrictions in the Online Lounge It is now possible to simultaneously set [Car Restrictions], [Performance Points], [Power], and [Models] in regulation settings. ( [Vehicle Tuning] must be set to [Unrestricted] and [Car Restrictions] must be set to something other than [Select from Garage].)

  [Other Improvements] - In the Open Lobby, it is no longer possible to vote to kick out the person who created the room. (If the player leaves the room after creating it then comes back, they are then subject to the vote.) - Adjusted the force of the steering wheel returning to center after a race when using the “Guillemot T500RS”. - Improved the steering model when driving racing Karts with the DUALSHOCK®3 Wireless Controller, to prevent overly spinning out.

  [Correction of Known Issues] - Corrected various other issues regarding the update and the DLC.





  ********Update Notice (2.00)*********** 

Last Updated: Oct 10, 2011  A new update has been released for Gran Turismo 5. The main contents of the update are as follows:   [Major Changes and New Features] - Standard Cars now given simplified cockpit views The over 800 standard cars included in the game are now given simplified cockpit views. You can change your view using the SELECT button when racing, to change your display to the exciting cockpit view. *Unlike the cockpit view of premium cars, the simplified cockpit is shown in a dark silhouette, and the gauges used for the car will be standard in-game instruments.

  - New Opening Movie A new opening movie is now available from "Gran Turismo TV". When you download this movie, it will replace the current opening movie. The previous version will be viewable within Gran Turismo TV.

  - Addition of the weather change menu On some tracks with weather changes, it is now possible for the user to set time and weather changes from the Quick Menu in both the Arcade Mode, and "Practice" of the GT Mode. Also, you can make more detailed time and weather changes while editing in the course maker and in the online lounge.

  - Multiple car settings/save feature We’ve added a setting sheet feature that allows you to save multiple car settings. From the [Setting Sheet] on the lower right of the screen, you can check the current settings. You can switch between 3 settings A, B, and C, allowing you to change between your personal settings easily according to the type of race and your objectives.

  - Added 11 NASCAR cars The newest NASCAR 2011 models have been added to the car dealerships. The added cars are the following: Toyota 2011 Denny Hamlin #11 FedEx TOYOTA CAMRY '11 Chevrolet 2011 Tony Stewart #14 Office Depot CHEVROLET IMPALA '11 Toyota 2011 Kyle Busch #18 M&M'SR TOYOTA CAMRY '11 Toyota 2011 Joey Logano #20 The Home Depot TOYOTA CAMRY '11 Chevrolet 2011 Jeff Gordon #24 Drive to End Hunger CHEVROLET IMPALA '11 Chevrolet 2011 Juan Montoya #42 Target CHEVROLET IMPALA '11 Ford 2011 AJ Allmendinger #43 Best Buy FORD FUSION '11 Chevrolet 2011 Jimmie Johnson #48 Lowe's CHEVROLET IMPALA '11 Toyota 2011 Brian Vickers #83 Red Bull TOYOTA CAMRY '11 Chevrolet 2011 Dale Earnhardt Jr. #88 AMP Energy/National Guard CHEVROLET IMPALA '11 Ford 2011 Carl Edwards #99 Aflac FORD FUSION '11

  - Added the Nissan GT-R N24 Schulze Motorsport The Nissan GT-R N24 Schulze Motorsport has been added to the car dealer. This is the car entered in the 2011 Nurburgring 24 hour race by Schulze Motorsport of Germany, and is the very car in which Kazunori Yamauchi drove and achieved a class victory.

  - Avatar now usable in Photo Travel An Avatar ON/OFF feature has been added to Photo Travel. Now you can photograph your avatar together with your car. You can turn the driver avatar ON/OFF by pressing the ? button while positioning the car.

  - Replay Fast Forward/Rewind All replay videos recorded after the 2.0 update will have [Forward] [Rewind] buttons. You can now easily search for the scene you are looking for and play back a certain section whenever you want to, adding even more fun to the photo mode.

  -Improved Online Lounge [Car Restrictions] has been added in the regulations. You can now limit participants to specific categories such as "NASCAR" and "Super GT". Also, there are now more cars that can be used in shuffle races, and a new "Shuffle Base" setting allows you to set the performance level of cars allocated to each player. For details, please see Top screen - [Manual] - [Online Race] - [Event Settings] and the "Regulation Settings".

  - Additional features to Remote Racing A "Graph Display" has been added to the remote race screen in GT My Home of, where you can enjoy B-Spec racing. This allows you to visually see the changes in positions in each lap. A time difference display for each car in the race has also been added.

  - New Photo Stage Added The "Indy: NASCAR Pit Stop" stage has been added to photo travel. We invite you to come see and capture the energy of NASCAR's famous pit stops.

  - Addition of the Consecutive Login Bonus When a user logs in consecutively, a bonus will now be applied to experience and race rewards. It will increase to 110% in the 1st day, 130% in the 2nd day, 150% in the 3rd day, 170% in the 4th, to a maximum of 200% in the 5th day. This will apply to all events both online and offline, so logging in every day will make the game progress faster.

  - DLC (Downloadable Content) Compatibility A [Downloadable Content] button has been added to the lower right of the top screen. Here you can install content purchased from the PlayStation®Store. Please refer to the product information page of for details regarding downloadable content. *The release of the DLC is planned for 25th October, 2011.

  - Official Support for the G25/G27 Racing Wheels The Logitech G25 Racing Wheel and G27 Racing Wheel are now officially supported. You can now change button assignments for various racing controls on these wheels.

  [Other Improvements] - User interface improvement - Quick Menu can now be accessed while the race is loading. - It is now possible to save and resume endurance races. - Two NASCAR cars selectable in Arcade Mode have been changed from the 2010 models to 2011 models. - In the Arcade Settings of [Options], AI Car Characteristics settings has been added. You can now change the aggressiveness of the AI against you in Arcade races. - Some effects of Traction Control have been adjusted. When the TCS level is set to 1, it will not come into effect as much especially in tight corners on dirt tracks. - Surface Water and Tire Load Indicator displays have been added to the race screen. The Tire Load Indicator can be set from the Quick Options menu that is displayed during the race (when the game is paused using the START button), or the standard Options menu. - The option to Create Thumbnails for All Cars has been added to the context menu of the Garage. This will update the thumbnails of all cars in the garage. - Experience gained in online races have been increased by 60%, and rewards have been increased by 66%. - You can now change the Slipstream Strength settings in the lounge. - In the Lounge and in [Option] - [General] - [Arcade], it is now possible to turn Visible Damage ON or OFF. - Drivetrain settings has been added to the regulation settings in the Lounge. - A setting to prohibit "Tuning" of cars has been added to the regulations settings in the Lounge. - Adjusted the driving speed of formula cars in banks, and auto-drive when coming onto straights. - Added a button to [Reset Playlist to Original Settings] under the settings menus of [Menu BGM], [Race BGM] and [Slideshow BGM]. - Personal BGM can now also be set in [Slideshow BGM] - A new brand "AMG" has been added to the MUSEUM.

  [Correction of Known Issues] - Corrected an issue where the "Torque Sensing Center Differential" installed on a Lancer Evolution X was not functioning. - Fixed an issue where you could participate in the Intermediate/Tarmac Rally of the Gran Turismo Rally in a Ferrari F1 by using the power limiter. - Fixed an issue where the Controller Steering Sensitivity was not applied correctly. - Fixed an issue where there was a server connection problem in certain network environments. - Fixed an issue where auto-drive would make braking mistakes. - Fixed an issue where the system would misjudge whether deceleration happens in time when making pit stops in the rain.



  Update Notice (1.13)  Last Updated: Sep 21, 2011  A new update has been released for Gran Turismo 5. The main contents of the update are as follows:   - Prohibited driving areas on the Top Gear Test Track have been adjusted. - The rankings of the current Mercedes Benz Driving Event has been reset, and the event duration has been extended.



Update Notice (1.10)  Last Updated: Jun 07, 2011  A new update has been released for Gran Turismo 5. The main contents are as follows:   * Please update the PS3 system software to 3.65 before you update the game.

  [Major Changes and New Features] - Racing Gear A new racing gear category with racing helmets and racing suits has been implemented. You can use these for your A-Spec driver or any of the "My Drivers" in B-Spec. There are many variations to the racing gear, and in addition to several sets being given out as gifts when you start GT Mode, you can also gain new ones when you win in online events. You can even take a photo of your driver wearing your favorite gear, and use that custom photo for your driver profile. For details, refer to "Racing Gear" under Main Menu - [Manual] - [GT Mode] in the in-game manual.

  - Special Online Event Promotion For a limited time, all event prizes will be tripled, and all cars appearing in the Online Dealership will be brand new (0 mileage) and at half price.

  - Introducing Prizes for Online Events In some online events you can now win racing gear items and cars as prizes, based on your performance. The content of the prizes and the conditions for winning them will vary per event. Please check out the details of the events through [GT Life] - [Online Events].

  - Purchasing Parts through the Settings Screen In the settings screen, parts you have not yet purchased will now have a shopping cart icon appear next to them. You can now purchase these parts on the spot. Purchased parts will immediately be equipped onto your car. For details, refer to Top Menu - [Manual] - [GT Life] - [Settings] in the in-game manual.

  - Improved Opponent AI Algorithm The search range of opponent AI has been expanded, and their intelligence algorithm has been improved.

  - Interrupting and Resuming Championship Races In championship races of A-Spec and B-Spec within [GT Life], there is now a "Suspend" option in the quick menu which appears after completing individual races. If the suspend option is pressed, the event will be interrupted and your record up to that point will be saved, and the game will end. The next time you start the game, you can continue the championship race from where you left off.

  - Additional Soundtrack After playback of the ending movie (short version), "Day To Live/daiki kasho" will be added as a bonus music track.

  [Other Changes] - You can now check the physical strength of drivers that are resting in the B-Spec endurance races. - You can now sort the garage by [Last Car Driven] - In [Weight Adjustment] of [Settings], you can now see changes in the front to rear weight balance when the ballast position is changed. - Your A-Spec driver is now displayed in the profile screen. - In the pit menu of B-Spec, the time limit for being able to direct pit work has been changed from reaching "0" in the count down, to "Until the car comes to a complete stop". - The sorting order in the Music Library has been improved. - When selecting a course created in Course Maker from Arcade Mode or GT Mode, you can now run single races with up to 16 cars (except for courses created before the update, and dirt tracks). - It is now possible to take 3D photographs even without connecting a 3D compatible TV. - You can now export 3D photographs to [Photo] on the XMB™.

  [Fixes] - We have corrected an issue where the maximum speed set in the transmission settings of the setting menu was different from the actual top speed of the car. This will affect almost all cars equipped with aftermarket transmission, as well as racing cars. Cars for which each gear ratio was adjusted manually with a Fully Customizable Transmission in versions 1.07 and earlier will not be affected. - An issue with the increase and decrease of the online log-in bonus has been corrected. - An issue where the player's and opponent's cars braked at the wrong timings in the pit lane during B-Spec has been corrected. - A problem where racing sound effects were turned off after changing settings in the quick menu has been corrected. - An issue has been corrected where the engine oil condition did not match the mileage of the used car purchased. - An issue where some of the driver gear colors had changed after the 1.06 update has been corrected. - An issue in the championships of GT Life where opponent cars kept using the same tires in the second race and onwards has been corrected. - An issue where the menu BGM was being played during remote racing rather than the race BGM has been corrected. - An issue of the program freezing when opening a garage containing nearly the maximum number of cars has been corrected.



  Update Notice (1.09)  Last Updated: Apr 06, 2011 A new update has been released for Gran Turismo 5. The main contents of the update are as follows:

  [Correction of Issues] We have corrected an issue where it was possible to take shortcuts on certain layouts of the Nürburgring track.



      Update Notice (1.08)  Last Updated: Mar 09, 2011  A new update has been released for Gran Turismo 5. The main contents of the update are as follows:   [Correction of Known Issues] We have corrected an issue where it was possible to shortcut on the Special Stage Route 7 course.



    Update Notice (1.07)  Last Updated: Feb 24, 2011 A new update has been released for Gran Turismo 5. The main contents of the update are as follows:

  [Major Changes and New Features] Friend Rankings In Drift Trials and Time Trials, you can now display leaderboards that shows only your friends. While it was difficult before to locate your friends in the general leaderboards, this now makes it easier to compare your lap times and points with them.


[Fixed Issues] - Performance points (PP), which is an index of a car's overall performance, is now calculated regardless of your tire selection. You can now set performance point restrictions and tire restrictions separately when you race in a lounge. - Fixed the issue where the performance of electric cars increased/decreased after a certain amount of driving. - Downloaded replays from Seasonal Event Rankings can now be viewed properly.

    Update Notice (1.06)  Last Updated: Feb 17, 2011 An update to Gran Turismo 5 has been released. The contents are as follows:

  [Major Changes and New Features] ·Remote Racing [Remote Races] have been added to the bottom left of the [GT Mode] - [Community] screen. Here you can start a fully automated B-Spec race using yours and your friends' "My Drivers", and gain rewards and experience from it. For details please see section 8-4 [Remote Races] in the [Manual] accessible from the main menu, and also the new "Remote Race" page on, under the GT5 product information section.

  ·Remote Racing from a Web Browser In [Remote Races], you can visit the official "" website using a web browser, and remotely control your PS3® at home. You can start races, monitor its progress and check results from the website. This is a new playing style allowing you to play Gran Turismo anywhere. Sign in from the [GT5 My Home] button on the upper right corner of the website to get started.

  ·Using the Course Maker in Online Races You can now use one of the "My Courses" created in [Course Maker] for your online races (in Open Lobby, My Lounge), or select themes and generate courses on the spot. (Please note you'll only be able to use My Courses created after this update).

  ·Introduction of Performance Points in Online Races We've now introduced Performance Points (PP), a numerical index of a car's performance for online races. You can set PP restrictions in the online race regulations (in Open Lobby, My Lounge) to limit participating cars. For details, see 6 -15 [Performance Points] in the [Manual] accessible from the main menu.

  ·Increased Rewards and Experience Online The amount of rewards and experience gained from online racing (in Open Lobby, My Lounge) have been increased.

  ·More Event Settings in Online Races [Auto Race Start Cycle] and [Tire Wear/Fuel Consumption] have been added to the event settings for online races (in Open Lobby, My Lounge).

  ·More Penalties for Special Events Penalties for improper driving such as driving off course and hitting walls have been increased for the [Special Events] under [GT Mode] - [GT Life].

  ·Event Rewards and Experience Adjusted The rewards and experience gained in [License] and [Special Events] in [GT Mode] - [GT Life] have been adjusted. Experience for A-Spec and B-Spec events have been increased, while rewards have been reduced back down to levels seen before the 1.05 update.

  ·Car Loan in Events In A-Spec, B-Spec and [Special Events] in [GT Mode] - [GT Life], you can now borrow cars that your Friends have set to share with friends. For details see 6-16 [Borrowing and Lending Cars] in the [Manual] accessible from the main menu.

  ·More Car Settings Gear ratio adjustment, power limiters, and weight adjustment have been added to the settings. For details see [18. Settings Guide] in the [Manual] accessible from the main menu.

  ·Multi-Monitor Feature From [Options] - [Hardware] - [Multi-Monitor], you can now access the multi-monitor display settings using multiple PS3™ systems. You can now enjoy Gran Turismo 5 in a wide display environment combining multiple PS3™ systems and TV's/monitors. For details please see the support section on

  [Changes and Additions to Gameplay] - It is now possible to replay and save [2P Battle] races. - [Controller Steering Sensitivity] has been added to [Driving Options]. - [Corner Bank Angle] has been added to the section settings in [Course Maker]. - In A-Spec events including endurance races, a confirmation prompt has been added before restarting a race from the beginning. - In replays, B Spec and while watching races, you can now change viewing targets directly from the screen without having to use a separate window list. - Personal BGM can now be used when voice chat is disabled in a [Lounge]. - Cars in your garage that are not registered as 'Favorites' can now be used in a [Lounge]. - When tire restriction is enabled in a Lounge regulation, only cars with tires that qualify will be displayed in the garage. - Driver and car display selections during races will be saved. - Karts now have [Quick Menu settings. - You can now select multiple items in some important menu screens, such as when registering your favorite cars in your [Garage].

  [AI Adjustment] - Race choreography and opponent car AI controls for licence tests and A Spec events have been adjusted. - Opponent car AI controls during B Spec races have been improved. - The evasive maneuver of opponent cars when a players car blocks the track has been improved.

  [Correction of Issues] - Corrected an issue where it was possible to gain points unfairly in drift trials. - Corrected an issue where it was not possible to view the 4th sector in the live monitor. -Corrected an issue where the sound effects would not change when replacing the exhaust system or turbo kit. - Corrected an issue where the save data becomes unable to load when exceeding a certain file size.


[Other Changes] - A searchable item called [Race Type] has been added for room creation in the [Open Lobby]. - The lap times for the [X Challenge] in [Special Events] have been adjusted. - Game save speed has been optimized. - The HDD access warning message that was displayed at game startup has been disabled for faster startup. - Car demo backdrops during an [Auto Demo] is now displayed randomly in 4 types (Morning/Day/Night/White) as is in the [Dealership]. - The "S-AWC" integrated four wheel drive system of the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X has been adjusted. - The [Force Feedback Strength] of the Thrustmaster T500RS can now be adjusted across a wider range.



Update Notice (1.05)  Last Updated: Dec 20, 2010  A new update has been released for Gran Turismo 5. The main contents of the update are as follows:   ·Seasonal Events [Seasonal Events] have been added to the upper left side of the [GT Mode] - [GT Life] screen. From here you can participate in official online events from the Polyphony Digital team. In these events, all participants race under the same regulations, and if you complete the event you will win rewards and experience. In Time Trials and Drift Trials, compete on the leader boards with players around the world.

  ·Online Dealership An [Online Dealership] has been added to the left center of the [GT Mode]-[GT Life] screen. In here you will find popular and rare used cars. You might just come across that one car you’ve always been looking for, that you haven’t been able to find in the [Used Car Dealer]

  ·Online Race Rewards and Experience When you complete a race in the [Open Lobby] or [My Lounge], you will now gain rewards and experience points. Therefore if you are focused more on playing online, you’ll still be able to gain rewards and levels that you need to progress in [GT Life].

  ·Driving Distance and Number of Wins in Online Races The driving distance and the number of wins you achieve when you complete a race in [Open Lobby] or [My Lounge] will now affect your stats in [Profile] and the [Garage]. Here again the results from your online play will cumulate within [GT Life].

  ·Improved Rewards The rewards for winning races in both A-Spec and B-Spec in [GT Mode]-[GT Life] have been increased for a limited time only. (This applies until the end of January 2011) This is a great chance for those who were previously having difficulties getting ahead in the game, due to a lack of funds for tuning and purchasing required cars.

  ·Race Information Display [Race Information Display] is now available in [Start]-[Quick Options]. (You can also see this in [Race Display] in [Options]).

  ·Save Data Backup You can now copy and restore your save data. For details, please refer to the in-game [Manual].

  ·Personal BGM (Menu) From [Options]-[Hardware]-[Audio], it is now possible to set the [Personal BGM] (Menu)]. (This can also be accessed from the [Music Library] within [GT Mode]).

  ·Car Name Change The official name of "Red Bull X1" has been changed to "Red Bull X2010".

  ·Integration with the Website The main features within [GT Mode]-[Community] can now also be accessed through the "" official website.

  [Important Note:] * We have made improvements to the [Log] within [GT Mode]- [Community] section, in order to make its operation more stable. Please note that the information that was here before the update has been reset.

  * Some contents of the update will not be applied unless you sign in to the PlayStation®Network when you play the game.


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