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Re: The Essential GT Car List

Sep 17, 2012

Here is the latest update of the Parking Lot and Winners Circle


Parking Lot.jpg


Nominations are shown in alphabetical order by manufacturer.

List updated September 17, 2012


Car   (with link to thread post)ManufacturerYear(s)CountryQuote-UnQuote
Javelin   SST 390 "Go-Package"AMC1969USATrans-am battle
R15   plus TDIAudi2010Germany2010 Le Mans winner
E30   M3BMW1986-1992GermanyOriginal M3 'nuff   said
M1BMW1978GermanyMid engine layout
M3   CRT SpecialBMW2012GermanySpecial edition
CTS-V   CoupeCadillac2012USAamazing top speed
Impala   SS 409Chevrolet1963USAIconic muscle car
Monte   CarloChevrolet1970-1988, 1995-2007USANASCAR breeding stock
Camaro   ZL-1, Bob Jane #7Chevrolet1969USARare and desirable
Nova   SSChevrolet1971USANo racing game has it
Corvette  Grand SportChevrolet1963USARacing grandaddy
Chevelle   SSChevrolet1971USA"bleeping"   fast apparently
Camaro   Z28, Chaparral #1Chevrolet1970USAlove-it-or-hate-it styling
202   GT, plus variationsCisitalia1946-1952ItalyFirst modern sports car
SP1,   Doran Racing Dallara-Judd '02Dallara2002ItalyLe Mans prototype
962   Le MansDauer Racing1993-94GermanyWinner 1994 Le Mans   24 hr
Patera   Group 4DeTomaso1972Italydefinite head-turners
TestarossaFerrari1980'sItalyIconic Ferrari
250GTFerrari1962-1963ItalyRacing legend
288   GTOFerrari1984Italygreatest of era
F12   BerlinettaFerrari2013ItalyFront engine, rear   drive
Ferrari   158Scuderia Ferrari1964ItalyWorld Championship
XB   GT Falcon Coupe, #25Ford1976AustraliaAussie V8 history
Mustang,   Boss T/AFord1969USA/AustraliaGolden ERA Trans Am
SVT   RaptorFord2007-presentUSALightning partner
Monster   Energy Mustang GT, Vaughn Gittin Jr.Ford2008-presentUSADrifting and racing
MustangFord1965USAFirst pony cars
Matech-Ford   GT3Ford2008USA/SwitzerlandChampionship winner
GT   Falcon, Main Force Patrol - Pursuit SpecialFord1973AustraliaInfluential film car
XA   GTHO Falcon Phase IVFord1972AustraliaOriginal performance   sedan
Torino   King Cobra / Super Cyclone Spoiler IIFord1970USASome lucky guy…
GT   RSPEC - Pursuit UteFPV2012AustraliaDown Under Boss
Zytek   Z11SN Nissan LMP2Greaves Motorsport2011-12UKGT Academy winner   drivers
Eagle   i-ThrustHammerhead2009EnglandInnovative and   ingenious
LX   Torana SS A9X Hatchback , Holden Dealer Team #05 Holden1979AustraliaAussie V8 history
RA273Honda R&D1967JapanV12 at Monaco!
Genesis   Coupe 3.8 Track EditionHyundai2012South KoreaSeen in action
Sesto   ElementeLamborghini2010Italyno comment
T70   MkIIIBLola Cars1969-1970UKgentleman racers
Toyota   Lola B12/60Lotus-Rebellion   Racing2012UKLMP car needed
CX-75Jaguar2014UKSuper-hybrid pioneer
XJRJaguar2004UKFast sleeper
XKR-SJaguar2012UKSports luxury
XKSSJaguar1957UKGreen Rat
Agera   RKoenigsegg2011-presentSwedenHyper car
Mazda   3 MPSMazda2012JapanResponsive   sub-compact
MX5   GT ConceptMazda2013JapanRival GT86 and BRZ
MP4-12C   Can Am EditionMcLaren2012UKWicked, Super Sick
X-1McLaren2012UKone-off for special   client
CLS63   AMG(W218)Mercedes Benz AMG2011GermanyBohemian
SLS   AMG GT3Mercedes Benz AMG2011-presentGermany1-2-3 at 24 hours of   Dubai
Cougar   EliminatorMercury1970USAVoted best looking
Nissan   Skyline RS Super Silhouette Formula - [Skyline 2000RS (R30)]Nissan1980'sJapanIconic Nissan
Road   RunnerPlymouth (Chrysler   Corp)1970USAMuscle car breeding   stock
Firebird   Trans Am GTAPontiac1987-1992USAForgotten generation
944   TurboPorsche1982-1991GermanyWorth noting
918   SpyderPorsche2013Germanyhybrid so it is   different
Alpine   A110-50Renault2012FranceConceptual rebirth
Megane   265 TrophyRenault2011FranceNurburgring record   holder
Renault   5 GT TurboRenault1988-1991FrancePocket rocket
Octavia   RSSkoda2002-presentCzech RepublicWorld Rally   competitor
GTS-RSRT2013USAGorgeous exhaust   note!
Ultimate   Aero TT SSC North America2009USARace car for the road
Ultimate   Aero XTSSC North America2013USAFinal variant
Formula   Mazda ProStar Race Cars2009-2012USAIndy car feeder
V12   SupraTop Secret2008JapanSmoky
TS030   HybridToyota2012JapanLe Mans prototype
Tyrrell   P34Tyrrell1976UK70's icon


 Winners Circle.jpg


Winners from VOTE # 2 and VOTE#1 now included:

Shelby   Daytona CoupeShelby American1964-65USAAll time   classic
M3   DTMBMW2012Germanyrepresent the DTM
DBR9   #58Aston Martin Racing2005UKTo beat Stig's time
CheetahBill Thomas/Chevrolet1963-65USAextreme racecar   engineering
HSV-010   GTHonda2010JapanNSX Successor
R18   TDIAudi2011Germany2011 Le Mans winner
Charger   SRT8Dodge2008-presentUSACharger vs.   Challenger
Venom   GTHennessey Motorsports2012-2013USAExtreme street legal
CTR   3 ClubsportRUF2007GermanyPure driving
CTS-V   SedanCadillac2004-presentUSAHigh performance   sedan



2009-2010 Jaguar XF   Touring Car Racer
1968-1973 Opel GT (the infamous   "mini vette")
1970-77 Mercury Capri 2.8l V6 (Imported   from Germany, also known as the Ford Capri/Cortina in Europe)
1955-57 Chevrolet Impala, Bel Aire,   Biscayne.(incl Stock Car Variant)
2008-09 Radical R8 Racer
2005-12 Gumpert Apollo
2007 RUF CTR 3 (mid engined Super Car)

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Re: The Essential GT Car List

Sep 17, 2012

Thank you, yes again, to those who are posting nominations as requested.   We are really really trying to be tolerant, trying to accomodate variations on a theme, but to be fair to all, and make this list easy to maintain, please please please could everybody post nominations in the format requested.

See the original post for more information.


Three easy parts:


1. A small list like this.

Manufacturer: Holden

Car: LX Torana SS A9X Hatchback , Holden Dealer Team #05 1979  (please put the year so we don't have to search for it)

Country: Australia


2. A picture.


3. An explanation of why you think it should be in the game.  A list of specs can be a useful addition but doesn't count as an explanation.


Without a reasonable attempt at #3 your nomination just may not make it to the Parking Lot list.


Thank you to all for your cooperation.

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Re: The Essential GT Car List

Sep 21, 2012

Manufacturer : Ferrari

Model and Year(s) : 125 S 1947

Race Series or Class if relevant : road/race car

Country of Origin (some may be considered international) : Italy



Historical Significance

the first ever Ferrari built.

it has a tiny 1.5L V12 (yes a 1.5L V12) pumping a MEGA 100HP @ 7000 RPM.

only 2 were ever built. The 125 S won six of its fourteen races in 1947.


Is the car desirable to collectors?



Would the car be at home on the racing track?



Does your car belong to an identifiable category such as (but not limited to) Vintage, Classic, Art, Concept, or Truck?

vintage classic



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Re: The Essential GT Car List

Sep 22, 2012

All essential cars are in this list. Adorable post. I'd consider all those cars driven by the AI (cars with names over them) in the demo, as drivable. You did they same for the cars the AI drove in the trailer. I also doubt you would be racing against cars it would be impossible to access yourself.

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Re: The Essential GT Car List

Sep 22, 2012

Welcome to the GT forum. DarylCooper1!


There is a lot of good information, conversation (some might call it drama) and racing for you here, and we all hope you participate in things like our Essential lists.

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Re: The Essential GT Car List

[ Edited ]
Oct 5, 2012

Manufacturer: Ford SVT

Model: Shelby GT500 (2013)

Country of Origin (American)

Seeing as this is probably the cheapest production car to break the 200MPH mark I feel it should be put in, plus it's a beautiful looking and sounding car. Also it would compliment a completely lacking group of Fords in the game.

2013 Shelby GT500

Oh and also, if you need any more help making your mind up here

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Re: The Essential GT Car List

Sep 28, 2012

Manufacturer: Noble

Model: M600 (2010)

Country of Origin (UK)

Its the purest driving experience u can get in real life without any driving aids and looks badass



 Noble M600 - Front Angle, 2010, 800x600, 2 of 35

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Re: The Essential GT Car List

Sep 30, 2012

Manufacture : Ferrari

Year : 2005

Model : FXX

Race or Road Car : Neither

Country of Origin : Italy

Power : 800hp v12

Historical Significance : One of the most powerful Ferrari's ever built, that you could buy, but not take home.

Is this Car desirable to Collectors : Yes. Only 20 were built, and none ever went home with the owner.

Would this Car be at home on the Road or the Track : Track


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Re: The Essential GT Car List

Sep 30, 2012

Actually, Oz, I have a request, if it's possible.


I would like to request the removal of one of my nominations: The SSC Ultimate Aero XT.


If the standard Aero isn't in the game, there's no reason to request a more specific model, in my mind.


Gojet-64 is now Encvell. (Gojet-64 is now only used for older games and Vita)
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Re: The Essential GT Car List

[ Edited ]
Sep 30, 2012

I also nominate the 2013 Ford Mustang GT500.. there's no arguement this car needs to be added to GT5 car list ASAP


Not to mention any 2011+ 5.0L Mustang GT, Boss 302/302R/Laguna Seca and even Cobra Jet models to give GT5 players something newer in the Ford Mustang camp than the old 2007 Mustang GT.

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