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The Essential GT Car List

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The Essential GT Car List.jpg


aka GT Car Wish List 3.0


May 20, 2013

The voting process was closed but the thread can still be used to tell the community what cars you would like to see in the game.


October 21, 2012


This thread and the car list will no longer be maintained or updated by the OP as explained in the VOTE #3 RESULTS.  It has not received sufficient support to justify the time and effort.   The thread remains for those who wish to use it.  Anybody making a request is still urged to make a constructive effort and follow the nomination format as much as possible.  Good luck.



Please post the cars that you wish to see added to GT5 or included in future versions.

Each poster is requested to limit their selections to the ones that would be top of their own list, no more than around ten cars every three months or so.  This will help manage the list and bring the most desirable cars to the forefront.

Cars that were included in the previous wish list are eligible for future voting but they need to be re-nominated in this thread. So if you had any special favorites on that list please nominate them here.


Cars that have already been nominated are shown in the Parking Lot at the end of this post.


Cars should be posted with the following information:


Model and Year(s)

Race Series or Class if relevant

Country of Origin (some may be considered international)

Include a picture (please not too big)

Cars should be as manufactured or raced.  No personal modifications.

Include a link to more detailed information if relevant.


Write a brief and sensible explanation that would help justify its inclusion.  You should make reference to any of the following that are relevant.

Historical Significance


Driving Fun Factor

Does the car fill a gap in the list of cars currently in the game?

Is the car desirable to collectors?

Would the car be at home on the racing track?

Is the car of particular importance to a racing series?

Does your car belong to an identifiable category such as (but not limited to) Vintage, Classic, Art, Concept, or Truck?


This information must be included in order for your nomination to be considered for the voting process.


A Sample Nomination is shown in the following post.


The information you provide is, in part, intended to promote healthy discussion on the merits of your selections.  “Your car sucks” criticisms are discouraged.


Nominated cars will be added to a list we will call the Parking Lot.  From time to time a Steering Committee (of course) will select cars from Parking Lot, especially those that are popular nominations, place them on the Starting Grid and through a voting or polling process have forum members determine which ones make it to the Winners Circle.   Further information regarding this selection process and the Steering Committee will be added as this project takes shape.  The intent is to keep the Winners Circle List to a manageable number.  It is hoped that this effort will bring focus to a more select group of cars desired by the community.


Winning cars from VOTE#1 and VOTE#2 are now included in the Winners Circle (see the end of this thread).


Please post your candidates for the Parking Lot using the guidelines above.


Graphics are courtesy of M1SS-D3V1OUS.


Why this is being done.

This thread post is the result of a discussion with MasterGT which led to the idea of revitalizing the GT5 Car Wish List.   The previous Wish List can be found here.

Some useful input from Dan_Zitions has also helped get this idea started.  


We are looking to give the wish list a boost by reorganizing it in a different format.  The existing list has not been updated for a while and has become too cumbersome.  It is now just an “I like this car” list.  The reality is that if somebody gave you a wish list containing approximately 1,500 items you might ask them to cut it back to a more workable size. 


It is our intent that the list should be worthy of promotion with Polyphony Digital, aiming for it to be a legitimate and useful resource for the GT community.   There will be a push to have the cars added to the game as player nominated cars.


Community support will determine whether this idea gets off the starting line, around the first corner and to the finish.  Constructive feedback on the procedures to be outlined in following posts will be welcome.  Keep in mind that we are trying to meet the needs of a large and diverse community while still keeping the process as easily maintained as possible.


Parking Lot.jpg

Nominations are shown in alphabetical order by manufacturer.

List updated October 2, 2012


Car   (with link to thread post)ManufacturerYear(s)CountryQuote-UnQuote
Javelin   SST 390 "Go-Package"AMC1969USATrans-am battle
R15   plus TDIAudi2010Germany2010 Le Mans winner
E30   M3BMW1986-1992GermanyOriginal M3 'nuff   said
M1BMW1978GermanyMid engine layout
M3   CRT SpecialBMW2012GermanySpecial edition
CTS-V   CoupeCadillac2012USAamazing top speed
Impala   SS 409Chevrolet1963USAIconic muscle car
Monte   CarloChevrolet1970-1988, 1995-2007USANASCAR breeding stock
Camaro   ZL-1, Bob Jane #7Chevrolet1969USARare and desirable
Nova   SSChevrolet1971USANo racing game has it
Corvette  Grand SportChevrolet1963USARacing grandaddy
Chevelle   SSChevrolet1971USA"bleeping"   fast apparently
Camaro   Z28, Chaparral #1Chevrolet1970USAlove-it-or-hate-it styling
202   GT, plus variationsCisitalia1946-1952ItalyFirst modern sports car
SP1,   Doran Racing Dallara-Judd '02Dallara2002ItalyLe Mans prototype
962   Le MansDauer Racing1993-94GermanyWinner 1994 Le Mans   24 hr
Pantera   Group 4DeTomaso1972Italydefinite head-turners
TestarossaFerrari1980'sItalyIconic Ferrari
250GTFerrari1962-1963ItalyRacing legend
288   GTOFerrari1984Italygreatest of era
F12   BerlinettaFerrari2013ItalyFront engine, rear   drive
125SFerrari1947Italyfirst ever Ferrari
Ferrari   158Ferrari1964ItalyWorld Championship
XB   GT Falcon Coupe, #25Ford1976AustraliaAussie V8 history
Mustang,   Boss T/AFord1969USA/AustraliaGolden ERA Trans Am
SVT   RaptorFord2007-presentUSALightning partner
Monster   Energy Mustang GT, Vaughn Gittin Jr.Ford2008-presentUSADrifting and racing
MustangFord1965USAFirst pony cars
Matech-Ford   GT3Ford2008USA/SwitzerlandChampionship winner
GT   Falcon, Main Force Patrol - Pursuit SpecialFord1973AustraliaInfluential film car
XA   GTHO Falcon Phase IVFord1972AustraliaOriginal performance   sedan
Torino   King Cobra / Super Cyclone Spoiler IIFord1970USASome lucky guy…
Mustang   Boss 302R/302SFord2012Canadafactory built racecar
Shelby   GT500Ford SVT2013USAcheapest to break   200mph
GT   RSPEC - Pursuit UteFPV2012AustraliaDown Under Boss
Zytek   Z11SN Nissan LMP2Greaves Motorsport2011-12UKGT Academy winner   drivers
Eagle   i-ThrustHammerhead2009EnglandInnovative and   ingenious
LX   Torana SS A9X Hatchback , Holden Dealer Team #05 Holden1979AustraliaAussie V8 history
RA273Honda R&D1967JapanV12 at Monaco!
Genesis   Coupe 3.8 Track EditionHyundai2012South KoreaSeen in action
Sesto   ElementeLamborghini2010Italyno comment
T70   MkIIIBLola Cars1969-1970UKgentleman racers
Toyota   Lola B12/60Lotus-Rebellion   Racing2012UKLMP car needed
CX-75Jaguar2014UKSuper-hybrid pioneer
XJRJaguar2004UKFast sleeper
XKR-SJaguar2012UKSports luxury
XKSSJaguar1957UKGreen Rat
Agera   RKoenigsegg2011-presentSwedenHyper car
Mazda   3 MPSMazda2012JapanResponsive   sub-compact
MX5   GT ConceptMazda2013JapanRival GT86 and BRZ
MP4-12C   Can Am EditionMcLaren2012UKWicked, Super Sick
X-1McLaren2012UKone-off for special   client
CLS63   AMG(W218)Mercedes Benz AMG2011GermanyBohemian
SLS   AMG GT3Mercedes Benz AMG2011-presentGermany1-2-3 at 24 hours of   Dubai
Cougar   EliminatorMercury1970USAVoted best looking
Nissan   Skyline RS Super Silhouette Formula - [Skyline 2000RS (R30)]Nissan1980'sJapanIconic Nissan
M600Noble2010UKlooks badass
Road   RunnerPlymouth (Chrysler   Corp)1970USAMuscle car breeding   stock
Firebird   Trans Am GTAPontiac1987-1992USAForgotten generation
944   TurboPorsche1982-1991GermanyWorth noting
918   SpyderPorsche2013Germanyhybrid so it is   different
Alpine   A110-50Renault2012FranceConceptual rebirth
Megane   265 TrophyRenault2011FranceNurburgring record   holder
Renault   5 GT TurboRenault1988-1991FrancePocket rocket
Octavia   RSSkoda2002-presentCzech RepublicWorld Rally   competitor
GTS-RSRT2013USAGorgeous exhaust   note!
Ultimate   Aero TT SSC North America2009USARace car for the road
Formula   Mazda ProStar Race Cars2009-2012USAIndy car feeder
V12   SupraTop Secret2008JapanSmoky
TS030   HybridToyota2012JapanLe Mans prototype
Tyrrell   P34Tyrrell1976UK70's icon


 Winners Circle.jpg


Winners fromVOTE # 3,  VOTE # 2 and VOTE#1 now included:



2Pantera Group 4DeTomaso1972Italy
2MP4-12C Can Am EditionMcLaren2012UK
3Javelin SST 390 "Go-Package"AMC1969USA
3T70 MkIIIBLola Cars1969-1970UK
3Formula Mazda ProStar Race Cars2009-2012USA




Shelby   Daytona CoupeShelby American1964-65USAAll time   classic
M3   DTMBMW2012Germanyrepresent the DTM
DBR9   #58Aston Martin Racing2005UKTo beat Stig's time
CheetahBill Thomas/Chevrolet1963-65USAextreme racecar   engineering
HSV-010   GTHonda2010JapanNSX Successor
R18   TDIAudi2011Germany2011 Le Mans winner
Charger   SRT8Dodge2008-presentUSACharger vs.   Challenger
Venom   GTHennessey Motorsports2012-2013USAExtreme street legal
CTR   3 ClubsportRUF2007GermanyPure driving
CTS-V   SedanCadillac2004-presentUSAHigh performance   sedan



2009-2010 Jaguar XF   Touring Car Racer
1968-1973 Opel GT (the infamous   "mini vette")
1970-77 Mercury Capri 2.8l V6 (Imported   from Germany, also known as the Ford Capri/Cortina in Europe)
1955-57 Chevrolet Impala, Bel Aire,   Biscayne.(incl Stock Car Variant)
2008-09 Radical R8 Racer
2005-12 Gumpert Apollo
2007 RUF CTR 3 (mid engined Super Car)

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Re: The Essential GT Cars List

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Jun 30, 2012

Sample Nomination


Manufacturer: Holden

Car: LX Torana SS A9X Hatchback , Holden Dealer Team #05 1979

Country: Australia

Australian racing legend Peter Brock “The King of the Mountain” with co-driver Jim Richards drove this car to victory in the 1979 Hardie-Ferodo 1000, the 20th running of the Bathurst 1000 touring car race, at the Mt Panorama Circuit just outside Bathurst, Australia.  The race was won by a record six laps, starting from pole position, cutting five minutes off the existing race record and setting a new lap record on the last lap.  V8 Toranas occupied the top eight finishing positions.  This car is part of Aussie V8 racing heritage.



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Re: The Essential GT Cars List

Jun 6, 2012

The first community vote is proposed for September 2012.

More Steering Committee and Voting Process information to be added at a later date.

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Re: The Essential GT Cars List

Jun 7, 2012

Thanks for the nomination and helping to get this little project started.

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Re: The Essential GT Cars List

Jun 7, 2012

Manufacturer: Ferrari

Model: Testarossa

Year: 1980's

I think this is one of the many iconic Ferrari's left out of the game. Besides being a Mazda fanatic, on the exotics I love Ferrari. It's as simple as watching "Miami Vice" as a child and seeing that white Testarossa, and I was a instant Ferrari fan. I wanted that car, right then. My mom even went out the next day and got me a diecast Testarossa car so I could "drive it" around on the floor as a child. I know the case can be made for just about every Ferrari, but I just don't know how they missed on this car.

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Re: The Essential GT Cars List

Jun 7, 2012

When it comes time for voting, having pictures that show off the beauty of the cars in the listings should pay off with more votes.

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Re: The Essential GT Cars List

Jun 7, 2012

Please for acceptance as Nominee...

Manufacturer: Plymouth (Chrysler Corp)

Model: Road Runner

Year: 1970

-Historical Significance- This was the 68/69/70 Dodge and Plymouth Muscle Car defining body style. This platform was used for everything from low level Grocery Getters, Station Wagons and Family Sedans as Belvederes and Satellites to being the base for the infamous Super Bird. They were also put to very good use in Police Packages, NASCAR and Drag Racing. From this single platform, PD could model many different cars just as viable as any in the game.

-Heritage- Starting in the early 60's Chrysler waged war on the Circle Tracks and Drag Strips across the country. These were more than just a continuation of those efforts. They became synonymous with the Muscle Car Era enjoying much success in both professional and street sleeper racing along the way.

-Driving Fun Factor- If PD were to make this a Premium Model, it would be a perfect candidate to include "Trim Packages" in the Aero section, as well as an RM NASCAR type variant. Hot place yeah it'd be fun.

-Collectability- There are so many ways to build this car, even without having the colors to collect as well. If given even the most basic numbers/letters, racing variants would abound. There are also multiple Engine and Wheel/Tire options.

-Key Fill for a Particular Racing Series- Many. From Dirt Track Saturday Night to the local drag strip to NASCAR to just a simple cruise in or car show. USAC, ARCA, Trans AM and others also used various versions of these Dodges and Plymouths.

-Variants- Beyond what's mentioned... Would love to see dog dish and steel wheels and true 60's style NASCAR steel wheels. However, the picture used is on purpose... The Magnum 500's it wears are already in the game on the 71 Mustang. Those wheels were OEM options for all three American Auto makers for various cars during this time period. They should be included in the custom wheel section. Engines ranged from the lowly slant 6 to the basic 383 BB to the 440 Six Pak to the HEMI.

-Track Presence- Um... Yes. Yes indeed.

-Modification Possibilities- Wheels, wings, RM... Anything is possible here.

-Fit with Existing Cars- While some Mopars are present in the game, the ones chosen are the basic standouts. The fact they did a Challenger as a Premium car, along with the 71 Mustang instead of the more versatile 70 was in my mind the wrong way to go. PD did pretty well by the GM camp, but Dodge, Plymouth, Ford and Mercury as well as the totally absent AMC's of the era leave a gaping hole in what could be some outstanding old school racing. Being able to recreate some of the historic racing series of the late 60's and early 70's would be a VERY welcome addition to the game. (edit: Pontiac was left out in the cold as well. It was instrumental just as these cars were on the strip and in Trans Am for example.)

With so many possibilities open and available on this platform, PD would do themselves a huge favor by making this car as a Premium entry. 2 lines of Dodge and three lines of Plymouth, as well as a number of specialty cars and variants could all be 1/2 done off the rip once completed. When also presented with the combinations of trim and wheels and engines within those groups, there are literally 100 cars that could come out of this model, all of them different... And not just another RX7 or Miata different either.

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Re: The Essential GT Cars List

Jun 7, 2012

this is awesome.  I'm glad MasterGT found the right guy to pull it together.

my only suggestion so far would be to have the write-up you did in the "introducing" thread abbreviated in the OP of this thread so that people really understand why you're doing things the way you are.  T hat thread will drop off soon and this one will be at the top and we'll want people to have the right perspective before posting here.

great start!

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Re: The Essential GT Cars List

Jun 7, 2012

Yes, there was a little bit of confusion in how to get this started, but that's what happens when doing something new or different.

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Re: The Essential GT Cars List

Jun 7, 2012

Already done.  See "Why this is being done" section in OP.

Now where is your nomination?    No hurry but.

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