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Re: Silverstone?

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Oct 2, 2012

Destinkeys wrote:

All I commented on was the DLC... Took virtually two years to get two new tracks and a rescan. That's pretty much one man year per track all right!

you don't understand what you're doing with your logic, apparently.  two tracks coming out in two years does not mean it took two years to produce them.  if you cannot understand that, then I dont' really know what else to say.  you are twisting logic to find ways to make the situation look worse than it is.


and you keep mentioning a "rescan" which is apparently meant to sound like a bad thing.  again, twisting logic.  you know for a fact that a team needs to visit a t rack to scan or rescan it.  same difference, in other words, no difference.  never mind how they scan, what they use, or how long it takes.  we are talking about whether a scan or a rescan is different.  They have to visit a track, use whatever methods they use, and piece it together on computers to get it ready for us to race on.   the process would be the same regardless.


the nurburgring, in your definition would be a rescan too..  but not only did the track change significantly between GT4 and GT5, but it has changed (among other tracks) significantly since GT5 was released almost two years ago.  that signifies that their methods are constantly improving and that they push the boundaries of what is technically achievable.


you may be impressed with how fast another company can push otu a track, but truth is, they are probably fully finishing one track as much as possible, then moving on to another.  PD appears to be finishing packs together, and therefore taking many months.  When they release a full game it takes years because they do not do their  track construction in the same way.  When they do not prioritize pushing out the track quickly, they appear to sit on the data and work on the game until they are ready to put it all out.


that gives their process a much different appearance and causes people like you to be confused.  I understand why, but now that it has been explained maybe you'll stop?

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