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Re: New to Gran Turismo

Jan 18, 2011

I am just now playing the GT series for the first time.  I love the fact that you have to work on some race series to find the right car, but I don't like working with the system (menus/cars) they give you to do this.

A couple of things that I find frustrating early on so far:

1. You can't always find/buy the car you need to compete in a race.  So I am forced to use a lesser car until someday the better cars pop in the used car list (hoping I will remember which ones I need)?

2. Navigating the menus to view the other entries, checking what cars are actually available, then setting up and racing is a nightmare.  This is a very slow process, I almost need a pen and paper to remember some of the cars listed because it takes so long to get back to the used car list.  Just seems like there should be a better way or they should speed up the menu screens a great deal.  Any suggestions on this would be appreciated.

I am definitely enjoying the game, I just hope they make some improvements to the menus and organization of things a bit.

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