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Re: Mazda Furai color rarity

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Aug 27, 2012


White_R34 wrote:

You lucky dog! I have been flipping LV 23 tickets and have yet to hit on one of this car. "AHHHHHH"!


It's not luck, it's lots of time-consuming hard work. On my main account, I am flipping (over 20) LVL 23 Tickets. It takes an unbelieveable amount of time to go through them and then reset, just to do it all again. The Furai in any color is very rare to ever show up, let alone in a color that I don't yet have.


Colors that I have ( so far)  on my SWERV_GRIFFIN Account:


Prototype -Color not officially named ( Semi-Gloss Dark Gray with Red Accents )


Gran Turismo Black


Gran Turismo Red (2)


Gran Turismo Blue Metallic


Gran Turismo  White Pearl


Gran Turismo Silver


Gran Turismo Yellow


 Gran Turismo Green Metallic


Last one I need:


 Gran Turismo Gunmetal Metallic


Update: after flipping most of the evening, the Gran Turismo Yellow Furai showed up opening Ticket 18 of 22 that I was flipping.


An entire evening of flipping produced another Red Furai and a Yellow Furai and cost me 19 Tickets. I did get the 17 other Group 'C' cars and LMP cars, so it's not like the tickets were wasted or anything.


I did already have multiples of the "extra" cars that I received.


 To beat a dead horse once again, I wish we could give these cars awway to friends that could use them......................Smiley Wink Might as well wish for Porsche being in the game...............Smiley Very Happy


Update: 8-26-2012: After returning home from my Mongolian Grill cookout, I flipped the final 4 LVL 23 Tickets that I have. No luck.


Unloaded the truck, relaxed for a few and came back in to fire up the PS3 and do my sends for the Ticket Circle. After I completed that , I decided to flip one more time. 2nd pull this time, Furai in Gran Turismo Green Metallic. He shoots, He scores !!!


Only the Gran Turismo Gunmetal  Metallic left to acquire, and I'll have all the colors of the Furai. Double on the Red.Smiley Happy

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Re: Mazda Furai color rarity

Aug 27, 2012

After reading SWERV's last post it appeaars I need 2 more colors to complete my collection.....Yellow and Blue it's back to doing the ticket shuffle and flip routine.


Thanks, SWERV.



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Re: Mazda Furai color rarity

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Aug 27, 2012

"SWERV" that's some grate info man! Smiley Wink  Think's for giving us the full color list, now we know what we are looking for. Smiley Tongue


I have two white's one red and a yellow. An I'm up to  tickets and I have a way to go to get up to 23. So I'll let you know if and when I find that cool prototype.

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