Oct 30 2012
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Has someone fully finished GT5?

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Is there someone who has completely finished the whole game, getting all the gold medal fro A-Spec and B-Spec, getting all the licenses at least with bronze as well as the special events, to have all the cars at least all the ones that can be bought from the concessionaires. Do those gamers/racers exists?

I am on expert level in A and B with gold, and have finished just a few special events and the first two licenses with bronze.

I believe this simulator (it is not a game, for a racing game go buy need for speed or split second), has to be played with a proper racing wheel and full pedals with clutch and manual shifts, it is amazing how realistic the game turns to be when such accessories are added.

In my case I got the fanatec Porshe 911 GT3RS V2 with the stand and the clupsport pedals. But in some cases I have come to the point of almost resign to the gt5, the frustration goes to maniacal levels, I have turn off gt5 and begin punshing the wall until I get to calm down.

GT5 is the main reason I got the PS3, plus the cash the fanatec stuff cost me is another reason for being persistent and not giving up.


I know that going in the real road should not be taken as a racing track but even how I drive has changed, something that cannot be adquired with SSF IV you won't become a better fighter.

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Re: Has someone fully finished GT5?

Oct 30, 2012
Just got a platinum trophy yesterday.
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Re: Has someone fully finished GT5?

Oct 30, 2012

PSNProfiles says.... out of 203,703 owners only 1,878 has a platinum on this. Smiley Surprised


I only have 76% complete I will never get the plat. due to the Redbull X challenge.


Sangbyung You have a very very nice Platinum there very few people can achieve that.

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Re: Has someone fully finished GT5?

Oct 31, 2012

We have a dedicated  Gran Turismo section 



I dont have a wheel and I have all gold on every license on every race up to Professional, and I have about 1000cars in my garage. 

I haven't platinumed it yet. i just platted infamous 2 after i saw it was free for Plus 2 weeks ago as it was easy

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Re: Has someone fully finished GT5?

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Jan 29, 2013

I have all licenses, cars, gear, ticket, and every race complete, except for the endurance aspec events.

The gran turismo section here is great. Lots of traders, race groups, and people willing to help with just about everything. And general GT talk as well Smiley Wink


Edit: Locking thread as it was bumped from over a year ago.  Thanks!

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