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Re: Game Breaker Patch 2.10

Feb 6, 2013

kevinride wrote:

The 2.10 patch pp changes have broken the game for me. Me and Im sure lots of other people have taken the time to tune and test many  

cars on all the tracks to find what works best for any given PP event. Also we have spent lots of time aquiring the paint colors for our cars through trades and even spending money on the DLC paint pack to get our cars the way we want them. But now with this new PP patch all my cars that I spent so much time tuning and painting (gold chrome) are not competitive anymore. The GT5 game that I learned to love is no longer the same game. They changes the core of our sand box after almost 2 years of great GT5 racing. When I play now it feels so different and has become unenjoyable. Maybe PD will learn the same thing the team at Star Wars Galaxies learned when they changed their sand box with a "Combat Upgrade". 

I do understand how you feel.  I also have cars set for certain tracks at certain PP and it does sorta suck having to tune a whole new set of cars.....or does it?  The one thing I must say about the patch is that it made me use and tune a bunch of the other cars that I have never touched.  New PP definitely shuffled the cars on the podium....for sure.

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Re: Game Breaker Patch 2.10

Feb 7, 2013

bamboo4wt wrote:

I never really liked gold chrome anyway.  But chrome chrome ...thats another story

Hey Bro, what'd Gold Chrome ever do to you?? LOL

I loves me some any-color-chromes. CHROMEDOGG Millionaire, Son. I even have an account on PSN, " CHROMEDOGG".Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Game Breaker Patch 2.10

Feb 7, 2013

Sorry OP, but that is the name of the game in racing. Ferrari had a dominant F1 car and the next season this upstart Red Bull, designs a car that smokes them. That is the way of the world.

The bad thing is that you have to change to keep up.

The good thing is that you can learn to adapt and get faster than ever!

We are in this to grow as racers aren't we? I know I am.


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