Dec 24 2010
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GT5 Data Transfer Utility Problem

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Before I updated to 1.05, I attempted to do a data transfer from my old  PS3 (yloded twice) to my Slim. That was priority since I didn't know if  the old PS3 would ylod if I started GT5 to do a big update. Not a good  risk.

After the data transfer was complete, I noticed that the  GT5 "Save Data" was ripped (moved) from the old PS3 to the Slim. The  "Game Data" was copied fine, without any change in the file size.

I  booted up GT5 on the Slim to verify that all my progress was there.  Everything looked fine. Cars were there, progress, items, settings,  level and licences. What wasn't there was most important to me. I don't  mind doing over the licences, leveling up from zero or getting back  cars. What I lost was my photos, replays and custom courses, the first  two I don't mind losing. From the in-game manual, I realised that those  things were saved on the "Game Data" which showed up to me as 7231MB,  which was transferred to the Slim so there shouldn't have been a  problem.

I updated both PS3s' GT5 to 1.05 in an attempt to do the "Save Data"  backup which is now allowed with this update. Booting up GT5 on the old  PS3 showed that all progress was gone but all my courses, replays,  photos were there! I copied the "Save Data" from the new PS3 into the  old one and everything was good. I did a re-save and copied that "Save  Data" to the Slim to see if a 'link' to the "Game Data" could be  restored. Didn't work.

I tried tweeting Yamauchi-san about it  today. I hope something can be done. I know people can say that you can  randomly generate a track and it would look professional and it may be  better than the ones I've done before, but it feels hard that I've given  those tracks some effort, meaningful names, meaningful curves that I  wanted to keep and plus some are on YouTube.

My solution would be for  PD to release an update that would allow the exportation and  importation of courses to/from HDD. That way I can get those courses  outta my old PS3 and into my Slim. Sounds like an easy solution to me,  hope they take me on.

Edit: I tried using the in-game Salvage option (from the Slim) but that didn't work. I also deleted the "Game Data" from the Slim and then re-installed it again and that didn't work wither.

I also noticed that some of my cars didn't have their little thumbnail-view; it just showed blank. However, I tried to paint the car and the thumbnail showed up, just with the new paint colour. I can't keep painting all those cars (plus with limited colours that I may not like).

So...while I'd appreciate if those things can be fixed, I'd really like a course-exporter/importer.

While I'm on that topic, it would be nice if Polyphony Digital can allow at least 5 courses to be uploaded/shared instead of the usual 1.

Thank You. I'd appreciate any help or suggestions.

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