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Jul 04 2013
By: BennyRabbit Hekseville Citizen 368 posts

FPS versus shaking camera

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Hi, played the demo again yesterday, make my way through Silver at Silverstone full lap with the 370z.


I stated earlier that the FPS was going down at some point, following, what I thought, an already issue raised before, but realized that actually is an effect, that shaky camera when pushing the car at its limits and the tires are at their grip limits. I don't know if it's perfect as effect, but certainly add to the GT experience. It was happening always at the same place and quickly, I confused both.


So it wasn't true, I didn't see any fall of fps, well nothing abnormal for a demo at least.


This, and Silverstone rocks as h***! :smileywink:


Thanks and Enjoy!


Now I wonder if I'll play GT5 again...

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Re: FPS versus shaking camera

Jul 4, 2013
You will when the demo cuts out.... :smileywink:
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