Dec 24 2012
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Drifting HELP!

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Hey guys, I just bought GT5 XL Edition Yesterday and it was on sale. Then I started playing and I tried to drift, I watched many videos from Youtube about how to drift. I practiced the whole day yesterday because I didn't have to go anywhere so yeah but I still can't drift! I try the e-brake but when it turns I spin out. When I try , tap e-brake, quickly tap SQUARE and then accelerate, I drift but after about 3 seconds into the drifting my car starts going outside. PLEASE HELP!

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Re: Drifting HELP!

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Dec 26, 2012

I'm not a pro drifter, just things that I've found that seem to work. I had the same problem but read the manual in the game about it and it said comfort tires are recommended for drifting. you basically have too much grip. put the comfort tires hard on both front and rear, when you're ready to drift just press the E-break, you'll begin to drift, once you get the car drifting, maintain your cars drift by moving the wheel left and right from the center point as if you're going straight and to the directions you're drifting to. I've found doing this with fanning the wheel so to speak works better for maintaining the drift. now as for sliding up the track, what I've found is that you're either not fanning the wheel as described or you're going in to the turns too fast, most likely too fast (or both).

if TCS (traction control system) is set to off your drive wheels are going to spin very easily with a car that is geared low. you can either turn TCS on or use the power limiter or gear your car higher to reduce power. you also gotta make sure you have enough power to continue the drift once you're drifting.

hope that's clear enough

happy drifting

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Re: Drifting HELP!

Dec 26, 2012

I can only drift under "accidental" conditions.  However, here are 2 of the drifting tips and guides bookmarks that I have:


Bearcut's Drifting Guide on GTPlanet


Team Shmo Drifting Tips


Have fun drifting!

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