Mar 06 2013
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Bad game data

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I recently re-installed GT5 Game data utility because mine had been corrupt somehow. First time this has happend since I got GT5 (a few months after release). Anyway I got everything back that I had before except the Stealth model NSX and Stealth model GT-R. I believe I had to enter codes that I redeem in the XMB under account mngmnt. I can't find codes and not even sure if these models are still available. Anyone know how I can get these installed, so I can be complete again?  They both still appear in my garage list but when I select one it say not installed...


Thanks M_Sharritt

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Re: Bad game data

Mar 6, 2013

If you go into your Account Management on the XMB you will find a list of everything you ever downloaded, and can redownload again.

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