Jul 16 2012
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Another question...

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Do GT5 keeps data of the races won and 2nd place?

and  what's the point for having all those helmets and suits?

Does the driver will drive any differently if i don't change his clothe from time to time, or will it be my bobs that would drive better??


My point....


I run the seasonals and each time i win i get a piece of clothing right?

But me i want paint chips, so to get a paint chip i have to be 2nd.

If GT5 keeps data of win/lose, then i'm in trouble....

So why not let the player who finish first (only for the first place) choose the bonus prize?

I think i don't need another piece of clothing my drivers have their gears...


Please PD give us Endurance races. 24 minutes is not enough...
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Re: Another question...

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Jul 16, 2012

Previous versions of GT had a win/loss ratio, but since it could be manipulated, it seems enough players made a farce of it and the feature was dropped.

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