Aug 23 2012
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GT5 Suggestions

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Hi folks,


Since of one year ago i'm having played just GT5.


When I bought this game, I told for some friends and theirs bought as well. Some weeks before We had as idea create a kind of virtual championship of this game. Near of January first of this year, the first version of the website was created and publicated under domain.


Since of the beginning of this championship ten or more games were bought just to participate on it. This is the first edition and we are planning increase the number of players for the next year. The candence of the events is twenty days.


The championship is on its nineth event. We have some considerations that we would share with the GT5 staff to provide some info looking for improvements in the game for all players.


The commum issues that We have:

  • Problem to generate the grid ordering by the best time - When one or more players join the virtual room after the free run has been started, or someone lost connection with the server, or PSN, the grid is made incorrect.
  • Problem to use the accelerator during the race or free run - Some players are reporting issues when try to use the accelerator, for a short time the game does not recognizes this command.
  • The rain stops suddenly and the percent of water on the track goes to zero in a seconds.
  • Problem with audio when have more than eight players in the virtual room.
  • Lost the results information of the players that left the virtual room before the countdown close.

Enhancements proposed

  • To create a option to choose if the lagger (overpast more than one time) wont be translucent.
  • Possibility to move on in the timeline during the replay.
  • Allow just the host of the virtual room to start the race.
  • Keep the best lap still that the players made changes in the car.

So, those are the itens that I remeber for now. Please let me know if someone agree with me.


If someone have e-mail or other contacts of the GT5 staff, let me know. I will really appreciate it.


See you guys on the track!




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Re: GT5 Suggestions

Aug 28, 2012

for some reaosn. i dont see pd making anything major changes to the game. since they might be already making gt6.

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