Sep 29 2012
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GT5 + $20 voucher - Need some Help!

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I'm a GT5 player and have a question about the $20 bucks voucher that comes with the GT5 XL.

The problem is, I already had the GT5 1st edition and I did bought the DLC contents in the first one with my own money. Now I'm using the new GT5 XL and the DLC tracks (SPA ans kart tracks) and all the DLC cars are functional and working very well, so my doubts is: Can I use this voucher to buy Motegi track, Subaru BRZ S '12 and Honda HSV-010 or this $20 bucks are just to buy the first DLC's contents?

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Re: GT5 + $20 voucher - Need some Help!

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Sep 29, 2012

The so call "$20" voucher is only for the DLC packs before the release of XL, meaning that you can only use it for the first 2 car packs, the SPA track pack, colour paints pack.  It cannot be used for Car Pack 3 or anything after.


The "$20" is just the approx sum of those initial few packs.  It can be "misleading".


You would have gotten quicker reply if you posted this on the GT5 General Discussion instead of Market Place subforum.

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