Oct 15 2012
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Buick GNX 87'

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I have been doing some serious playing these past couple of day's, and have been collecting cars to complete my collection. I have been collecting mostly classic american cars, and some newer american cars. The last car i need to complete my cellection, and basically make the collecting part of the game complete for me is the Buick GNX 87'. I have been gathering double's of the same cars to trade, the three i currently have to offer i think might be a good offer. The first of the two listed below are used from the used dealership, but i have never driven them myself, and i can use a car restoration ticket to return them to mint. The third is a new prize car, never driven. I also have allot of GT Chrome paint's etc if anyone is interested.


The cars I'm currently offering to trade are a Shelby GT350R, a Dodge RAM 1500 LARAMIE Hemi Quad Cab '04, and a Chevrolet SSR 03'.


Edit: Just got a second Cuda and Superbird to trade as well.

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Re: Buick GNX 87'

Oct 15, 2012

I think I have that car. I'll add you as a friend if I do and we can go over the trade. I'm interested in the Shelby ;-) If you dont already have it.

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