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Urgent Fury Presents the Weekend Warrior Series

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WWS #2 Timeline

Applications due Thursday August 4th 9:00 pmcst

Invites out Thursday August 4th 10 pmcst

Invite pick up no later than Saturday August 6th 12 pmcst

Races start Saturday August 6th 8 pmcst

Go to to sign up

Qualification Race # 1 ( Round 1 ) : Indy Road Course ( 12 Laps ) 550pp Cars.

Heat 1 : 8 Cars ( Players Randomly Selected )
Heat 2 : 8 Cars ( Plauers Randomly Selected )

Qualification Race # 2 ( Round 2 ) : Nurburgring Nordschleife ( Time Change 60 ) ( 2 Laps ) 600pp Cars.

Heat 1 : Top 4 From Heat 1 Round 1 + Top 4 From Heat 2 Round 1
Heat 2 : Bottom 4 From Heat 1 Round 1 + Bottom 4 From Heat 2 Round 1

Elemination Round ( Round 3 ) : Eiger Norwand Short Track ( 17 Laps ) 650pp Cars.

Heat 1 : Top 4 From Heat 1 Round 2 + Bottom 4 From Heat 2 Round 2
Heat 2 : Top 4 From Heat 2 Round 2 + Bottom 4 From Heat 1 Round 2

Great 8 Final ( Round 4 ) : Rome ( 20 Laps ) 700pp Cars.

Main Event : Top 4 From Heat 1 Round 3 + Top 4 Heat 2 Round 3

Race Rules

1. Cars are to remain on the track at all times under the course of normal racing. Cutting

corners/chicanes will not be allowed in any circumstance. If a driver is seen proceeding through a

corner, or overtaking an opponent, with more than two (2) tires outside of the legal racetrack, they will be asked to surrender at least one spot..

2. In the event you collide with another car, and force them off the race track, you will be expected to fall into position behind that car once it re-enters the track, regardless of the number of positions you lose.

3. In the event you are being lapped by another driver, that driver must give you a verbal warning

that they are approaching, and must relay which side they are taking you on. In turn, you must

move to the opposite side of the track and let that driver pass.

4. All cars used must be available through the dealerships, used car dealer, online dealership, or


5. Boost will be set to low for each race. Tire wear and fuel consumption will be turned on. Mechanical damage will be set to light. Some races may be ran with boost turned off for competitive reasons.

6. In the event of a major crash during the first lap of a race, the race may be restarted with the

consent of all drivers on the track. If a restart is called for, all drivers will be expected to

immediately leave the track.

7. During the final lap of each race, one defensive maneuver will be allowed in the final stretch to

the finish line. This move must be made while the opponent is behind you, and may not include

purposeful contact with another car. It may only consist of one move to defend a racing line.

8. In any race, the winning automobile may be called in for a random tech inspection. If this happens, the car must be gifted to the race league moderator immediately for inspection of all race rule

criteria, including horsepower, weight, performance points, and modification limitations. Refusal to

comply with inspection for any reason will result in immediate disqualification from that event and a 10 point reduction in championship points. In the event a racer has less than 10 championship[ points, the racers points will be reset to zero.

Race one will be split into 2 groups of 8. The top 4 from each race will continue to the next race.

The top 4 from that race will continue, then the top two for the one night title.

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Re: Urgent Fury Presents the Weekend Warrior Series

Aug 2, 2011

Prizes :


Grand Touring Garage 1970 Ford Mustang Trans-Cammer ( Fully Built )

Gold Chrome

Chopper 15 Helmet + Blaze 15 Racing Suit

5 Sets of Racing Soft Tires.



HPA Motorsports FT565 Twin-Turbo Audi TT ( Fully Built )

Silver Chrome

Stormline 30 Helmet + Blaze 29 Racing Suit

3 Sets of Racing Soft Tires.



Ferrari 430 Scuderia '07 ( Fully Built )

Matte Black

Stormline 01 Helmet + Double Stripe 15 Racing Suit

1 Set of Racing Soft Tires.

*All the prizes will be sent out to the winners daily until transaction is completed.

* 1st Place receives prizes on the day of Event.

* 2nd Place receives prizes on the day following the Event.

* 3rd Place receives prizes 2 Days after Event.

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