Aug 07 2012
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TPRA Inter-Forum Invitational: CLIO Trophy Cup | Trial Mountain | Aug 7

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CLIO Trophy Cup | Trial Mountain | Aug 7


Race Day - Tuesday August 7, 2012

Know The Rules:

TPRA At Track Code of Conduct in effect.

Beyond the above Code of Conduct, the TPRA Track Boundary Guide defines the legal racing surface for all tracks.

This event is open to all registered TPRA drivers, as well as guests from the Playstation Forum.

Trial Mountain
Please click link above for track boundary guideline

Race Distance-Heat 1 - 6 Laps
Race Distance-Heat 2 - 6 Laps
Race Distance- Main Event - 13 Laps
Grid Reversed after each Race

Choose a legal car:

Cars: RenaultSport Clio Renault Sport Trophy Race Car '00 [S]
or RenaultSport Lutecia Renault Sport Trophy Race Car '00 [S]

Tires - Racing: Soft

Maximum Performance Points - 522PP

Power limit - 369 hp

Weight minimum - 1150 kg

No Qualifying - 9:30 PM EST

TPRA Qualifying Procedure

Qualifying Form

If you are a certified host or confident you can host 10 drivers and operate the grid staging procedure and would like to earn your hosting certificate, please indicate that you are willing to host in the comment box when you submit your Qualifying time.

Drivers Meeting:

TPRA Pre-Race Drivers Meeting Procedure
Open - 9:50 PM EST
Closed - 10:00 PM EST


Schedule:Room Details:

Public Lobby
Room Comment: Div#
Race Type: Race For Real
Max # of Participants: # of Drivers qualified for the division
Race Quality: Standard
Voice Chat Quality: Disabled
Fixed Host Status: Checked (Fixed Host)

Course Settings:
Course Selection Method: Host Picks
Course: Trial Mountain
Time: /
Time Progression: /
Weather: /
Weather Changeability: /
Surface Water: /

Event Settings:
Game Mode: Normal Race
Laps: 6 then 6 then 13 Laps ( 3 Races)
Start Type: Grid Start with False Start Check
Boost: OFF
Penalty: None
Automatic Race Start Cycle: Disabled
Grid Order: Reversed of previous Races
Race Finish Delay: 130
Visible Damage: Off
Mechanical Damage: Light
Slipstream Strength: Weak
Tire Wear/Fuel Consumption: On
Grip Reduction on wet Track/Track Edge: Real
Shuffle Base: NA
Shuffle Ratio: NA

Regulation Settings:
Car Restrictions: Unrestricted
Performance Points: 522PP
Power: 369 hp
Weight: 1150 kg
Drivetrain: FR | FF | 4WD | MR | RR
Tire Restriction: Unrestricted
Vehicle Tuning: Unrestricted
No Skid Recovery Force: Checked (Skid Recovery Force prohibited)
No Active Steering: Checked (Active Steering prohibited)
No ASM: Checked (ASM prohibited)
Driving Line Off: Leave Unchecked (Driving Line allowed)
No TCS: Leave Unchecked (Traction Control allowed)

This is an Inter-Forum Invitational set of races. No qualifying necessary. It will be a great chance for people to meet and race with others they may not have raced with before.


Please be Respectful and make every attempt to drive Clean. If you happen to accidentally bump someone else off-track, let them have their spot back, even if it costs you some positions. There is a new race every 12 minutes or so. You'll have another chance to shine.:smileywink:

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Re: TPRA Inter-Forum Invitational: CLIO Trophy Cup | Trial Mountain | Aug 7

Aug 8, 2012

sounds liek a great idea swerv et al,


unforunately I've been too busy to try and squeeze in many races lately.


hopefully soon.

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