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STA TopGear Challenge Series Power Lap

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1 replies 295 views Edited Jan 9, 2013 is proud to announce another installment to their TopGear Challenge Series. In its second running, STA has once again set up a challenge that brings to life your chance at the Power Lap board, made famous by the highly popular BBC TV show TopGear.


If you think you have what it takes, and you wanna be known as the Stig, buckle up, and start your engine.




STA presents






This series of the Power Lap Challenge will bring a favorite of the TopGear presentors...the Aston Martin DB9


Make it around the TopGear track in the fastest time and keep it there until the end of the series season and you'll be named "The Stig". Here's what you need to know to compete:


  1. You must register at to become a member. Very simple. The form you fill out will have a selcetion of divisions to compete in. If you only want to try the TopGear Chellange Series, you'll check that box and you're good to go.
  2. add marimbakat on PSN (you can also add other STA Officials: stevo2448, E6Romeo, mjjm1788)
  3. You must be in a room with them on the TopGear track in order for STA to verify the times. STA Officials can usually be found online at night between 8-12am EST.


This Time Trial Challenge will have a set date between January 8th - April 30th, 2013


Please note there are rules as follows: The information here is directly from our website. If you wish to view that area, please CLICK HERE.


  • Cutting Corners is not allowed (penalties will be turned on weak)
  • Drivers are given a warm-up lap and upon turning at Gambon and crossing the start line, their time will begin.
  • Two wheels must be on the track at all times when cornering. 
  • It is allowed to go into the grass if one over drives the car. Chances are you will have a slower lap time.
  • The best of 3 laps will be taken
  • Only one attempt per day. (STA Officials communicate throught text, so we will have a list most likely).
  • Once you have gained the TOP SPOT (FASTEST TIME), you can't attempt another run until you are knock off that spot. (kind of like a king of the hill challenge).
  • We will try to put these challenges in Open fixed host lobbies.


Here's you challenge tools:


  • TopGear Test Track
  • Aston Martin DB9 (NO MODIFICATIONS ALLOWED, Must be Stock)
  • Tires: Sports Medium
  • Tuning is Prohibited
  • 448HP (Selected from garage)
  • Manual or Automatic Transmission allowed (Will be noted on Power Lap Board)

Room settings

  • HP limit will be set
  • No Assist except T/C & ABS (You don't have to use it is you don't want to)
  • Heavy Damage
  • Tire Wear is on Normal
  • Penalties On Weak
  • Tire Restriction placed on Sports Medium
  • Grip Reduction is on Low



I will keep updates on the board on our main website at on the TopGear Page. I will also try to keep them here as well.



Good Luck and I hope to see a bunch of registrations for Top Gear soon.


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Re: STA TopGear Challenge Series Power Lap

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Jan 24, 2013



1. PURE_BALLSAK_88    1:16.869

2. mcb025                           1:19.242

3. E6Romeo                       1:21.205











Be Part of the Action... Members from Australia to Africa, covering 7 countries across 5 continents...Register at

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