Mar 09 2013
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Pure Stock Banger Racing *Twin Ring Motegi Oval*

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Every other Saturday (1 week on, 1 week off.)

Car Listings:


S) 2003 Dodge SRT4

S) 2002 Ford Focus RS

S) 2003 Ford Focus ST170

S) 1998 Ford Taurus SHO

S) 1990 Honda CR-X SiR

S) 1995 Honda Integra Type R (DC2)

S) 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT

S) 2002 Pontiac Sunfire GXP Concept

S) 1999 Toyota Celica SS-II (ZZT231)

Your Choice... (Think another car should go here? Write it down below.)


Car Rules:
Must be a FF positioned car. (All of the above are.)


Weight Limit: TBD

Racing Hard Tires

All assists off. (Excluding ABS, ABS will be allowed.)

Aerokits allowed.

No turbo/supercharger.


Racing Rules:

1. Contact is allowed. The art of banger racing is demolition derby on wheels. Happy smashing!

2. No Yellow Flags

3. Once your car takes the green flag of your heat race, you may not change your setup.

4. Do not completely miss a corner to take someone out, banging is allowed, but not taking them to the wall.


Race night:

9:00 PM Eastern Time (Daylights savings time) Lobby Opens

9:15 PM Practice Ends

9:15 PM Driver's Meeting (Heat races will be announced.)

9:30 PM  Heat Races

9:45-10:00 PM A-Main Begins

(Nobody will be kicked from the feature after the heat races, the heat races just decide starting order.)


If you want to be teammate with someone, paint your car the same color as theirs, and no, you don't need the same type of car to be teammates.


Happy racing!





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