Aug 20 2012
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Monday Night Racing

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Monday Night Racing is a series of scheduled races designed to help introduce the broader forum membership to some PlayStation MVPs, moderators, and maybe a few special guests, who like racing in Gran Turismo or any other appropriate racing simulator (for now, we use the latest version of GT). Think of it as a social gathering, too, so chat headsets are welcomed, to keep communicating efficient.

Monday Night Racing will be an ideal event for someone who has not yet raced on-line before or for any GT fans who needs good drivers to challenge themselves, too. The bar-to-entry will be kept as low as possible, so please join in expecting to have fun while racing cleanly. While this is supposed to be a fun event, we do expect you to act maturely and respectfully to other drivers. We will be experiencing as much different content, including new DLC, features and updates of GT as possible, so these events will also help you to learn about GT, to keep actively racing in it, and to meet new racing friends.

The posted time range is for two hours, but some nights it carries on for a while longer, so you have a fairly broad time frame in which to join in on the fun.


Please read all of this post, and the next one, for instructions and tips.

To keep the racing organisation simple and to ensure that a broad range of cars are always used, the weekly events will be a series of general performance ranges escalating through the month (see table below). This will help to keep the racing open for players of all abilities, just so long as you keep within your own capabilities, you stay in your best behaviour, you race fairly and keep it fun for everyone.


Please be sure to know GT well enough, so that you don't hold up the racing because, quite frankly, the more you fiddle, the less we race.

Weekly race details will be in the next post and the event calendar. Usually, these will be posted around Fridays, give or take a bit, as needed.


Keeping In Touch: 

There are numerous ways of keeping track of updates for this event:

  • come here and read new posts (and the #2 post for all weekly details - it is the most up-to-date and complete)
  • because this is a community event, this thread is floated for everyone and it will always be at the top of this forum's topic list
  • subscribe to this thread - you can check the box when you post a new message or do it manually in Subscriptions
  • go to thread/Options and subscribe to the RSS feed for this thread (or for the #2 post, but that might send out more edits than you want)
  • find this thread by clicking the link in my forum signature
  • use this ical.gif link to add Monday Night Racing to your calendar on your cell phone, tablet or other device
  • you can add your own timed calendar reminders in addition to the two set for one day and for 30 minutes
  • there will be two calendar links with text for each Monday: a general description; specific weekly race details (when ready)
  • (take out the dash...)


Dates: Mondays

Time:  8PM - 10PM Eastern Time (longer is more common, and please be on time for the first start)

Races: usually there will be 3-4 races per hour of ~15-20 minutes each

General Car Performance Ranges
1st wk smaller street cars
2nd wk smaller tuned, concept or race cars
3rd wk bigger street cars
4th wk bigger tuned, concept or race cars
5th wk something random or specific, including some DLC

A room number will be announced in the post below after the lobby is created. This way everyone can easily find the weekly group without using up your friend slots. However, only so many can fit into a lobby, so please either be patient getting in or don't hog the room if it is always full because others may be wanting to race, too. Disconnections can be a problem by losing room numbers, though, but we will just have to deal with them the best we can.

Room Number Instructions:
- in GT6, go to On-line/Lobby
- at the bottom-left, click on "ID"
- click the "Specify Room Number" button and enter the long room number given in the race announcement post 

This allows you to enter the correct room, if there still is room for more players.

General Racing Rules:
- use normal on-line clean racing etiquette and keep contact to a minimum

- if you mess up someone's race, give them their spot back ahead of you
- keep two inside wheels on the track at all times
- no shortcuting, draft dodging, retalliation or other bad behaviour, including foul language or arguing (please discuss concerns with me in private)
- when re-entering onto the race course after an accident, give approaching cars the right-of-way

- no retalliation: if you have an issue with another driver, save the replay and contact me


Past GT6 events

Drop by the GT forum, too, and meet the fans who play this fun racing simulator often.

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Re: Monday Night Racing

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Monday Night Racing Weekly Details (if used, the club number is - 1003954)


As promised, we will do something a bit different for this 5th Monday of a month, so please prepare for the new conditions. You will likely need at least two cars, one completely bone stock, the other adjustable. Since tuning is limited, the race starts will be set for 5 minutes, so put your cars in your Favorites list.


We now know a bit about this car, the GAZOO Racing Toyota 86 and its base model sister. It seems kind of tame in stock form, but being stock should make for close racing. The following three races open the doors to tuning, a bit, with tire and weight changes, but not to power, except no oil change vs oil change, so keep the power limiter at 100%. You will still feel the differences on each track. For example, you will really appreciate the upgraded tires at SSR5. Laps are calculated for ~30-minute races.


Toyota 86 Base model or GAZOO Racing 86


Tracks are an assortment of PDI's own creations, but the car won't allow dirt/snow tires, so we are limited in that way.


Race Track PP / HP Tires Kg
1 Cape Ring South 403 / 198 Sports Hard 1230
2 SSR #5 - Reverse 416 / 208 Sports Medium Stage 1 = 1143
3 High Speed Ring 419 / 208 Sport Soft  Stage 2 = 1094 
4 Apricot Hill 423 / 208 Racing Hard Stage 3 = 1045


Four practice sessions are available in the club.


The lobby usually opens between 7:30-7:45 (Eastern) and racing will start at 8, so please be early and ready for the first race. If the room is full, try to attend a bit later. There usually is room for more, so if you get a false "full" error, leave the on-line system and retry entering.


Monday Night Racing

Monday, March 30

Time 8 PM - 10 PM, Eastern (or later, depending on interest)

Please get your car ready before you enter the lobby, so that you don't slow down the starts!
Car Toyota 86 Base Model / GAZOO Racing Toyota 86
Tracks  Cape Ring South | SSR #5 - Reverse | High Speed Ring | Apricot Hill - (8AM +30)
Laps Approx. 30 minutes


Race Conditions

Tuning? Stock & Allowed
Perf. Points Varies
Max. Horse Power Stock, no oil change / 208
Power Limiter 100%
Min. Weight (Kg) Varies
Tires - maximum Varies
Tire Wear & Fuel Fast
Damage Heavy
Penalties Weak
Drafting / Grip Weak / Real
Weather = * -
Time Progress = # + 30

Full Event Typical Settings


The complete room number will be added to this post after the lobby is created. Don't enter the dashes.


Room Number: 1472-????

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Re: Monday Special Racing

Aug 20, 2012

sounds like a great idea for a community event, Mastr!


hope to attend once in a while.  perhaps tonight.

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Re: Monday Special Racing

Aug 20, 2012

Hi MastrGT,


Since your event is between 8-9PM, I should be able to join you.  I will be leaving the event immediately after 9:00 PM Eastern to host the weekly Monday BPC casual race in my lounge.  


See you then.

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Re: Monday Special Racing

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Aug 20, 2012

Thanks, guys. Hope to see some new members who have not been racing on-line much, too.


The time range is a bit of an experiment, not too early, not too late, depending on which time zone drivers are in.


Oh, and the title is just temporary, for a little while.

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Re: Monday Special Racing

Aug 20, 2012

I will try to make it, but the time may be a bit early as I get off work at 5:30 PST 8:30 EST and that is when it has already started. Perhaps if you started 10 Eastern then more people like me from the west can make it without having to drive at mach one home :smileyvery-happy:


Cheers, Brrnout

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Re: Monday Special Racing

Aug 20, 2012

This is an experiment to find out when people can race. Maybe, if there is enough support, we can race longer, so check when you get home.


If players can or prefer to race later, then the schedule can be changed, or we can alternate start times.


It all depends an the amount of support this event gets.

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Re: Monday Special Racing

Aug 20, 2012

The room is now open. Use the room number in post #2.

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Re: Monday Special Racing

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Aug 21, 2012

I just saw this event today. Would have attended, but I upgraded my Racing Station to the Black Diamond Edition Racing Station by SWERV_GRIFFIN Enterprises, and am assembling the new Racing Station as I type this post.


Maybe  I can attend this Event next week.


 Pics of the upgraded rig to follow in the Driving Rig Thread

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Re: Monday Special Racing

Aug 21, 2012

I havn't raced online for 10 months. But I'll make an effort to be there next time. It looks like moving the time back an hour might work for some. And that is fine for me as I am in Los Alamos.

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