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Modified Legal Championship

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Welcome to MLC

Modified Legal Championship.


For all driverd who want to push their road cars to the limit in a friendly, competitive envoirement. 


The race series will be divided into two classes, Club class and Pro Class.

All cars be must be Road Legal cars with any modifications allowed.



BHP - 350 Max

PP - Unlimited



BHP - 500 Max

PP - Unlimted


Drivers are allowed change cars throughout the season and also allowed move classes.








  1. Drivers may freely change between Club Class and Pro Class from race to race. Drivers may score points in each class.


  2. Race clean! No intentional ramming, spinning, crashing, or "brake checking" is allowed. Doing so may result in a post-race points penalty, or a suspension. Repeated offenses may result in a total ban from the season.

  3. Penalties will be turned off, but you are expected to take no shortcuts. If you pass someone with a shortcut, on purpose or accident, you must give the position back. Failure to do so may result in a post-race penalty.

  4. Good sportsmanship is a must. Insulting or bullying a fellow driver may result in a points penalty, suspension, or ban, even if you were racing clean.

  5. In order to keep the racing atmosphere relaxed, rules will be loosely enforced. A few small accidental corner cuts here and there won't count against you. However, if you take advantage of this, you will be penalized.



Class Interactions

Because of the power differences between Club and Pro, drivers of both classes are expected to avoid hindering each others' races.


Club drivers should always be prepared to yield their position to faster Pro cars, especially on straits. Pro drivers should always remain aware of Club drivers. Pro drivers do not have the right to ignore Club drivers.



Cars Permitted

Both Club and Pro class are open to any Road Legal Cars.


No Race Cars allowed.




Each race will take place on Saturday, at 10:00 PM GMT +1 Time.



Optional Test Sessions


August 1st ------- Free run and short races

august 4th ------- Full race test (Le Mans 8 laps)

Round 1---------August 11th

Autodromo Nazionale de Monza --------- 26 laps



Round 2---------August 18th


Nürburgring 12 Lap Endurance ----- 12 laps

Round 3--------- August 25th


Grand Valley Speedway ---------------- 40 laps



Round 4---------September 1st


Circuito de Madrid ---------------------- 34 laps





Race Day

Upon room creation, drivers are free to practice for the length of the session until the race. 


Room will be open at 9:30 PM GMT +1




Room Settings

  1. All assists will be allowed, except for SRF (Skid Recovery Force).

  2. There will be no penalties, light damage, real grip reduction, weak slipstream, and race delay will be 3 minutes (maximum).

  3. All normal races will be sunny and have weather change turned on. 


Points will be awarded based on where drivers finished in their class.

1st: 20 points

2nd: 15 points

3rd: 13 points

4th: 10 points

5th: 9 points

6th: 8 points

7th: 7 points

8th: 6 points

9th: 5 points

10th: 4 points

11th: 3 points

12th: 2 points


All race particiapants recieve 1 Point.

Any driver who starts the race, but gets disconnected during the race, will be given 1 point. Regardless of how much of the race was completed.






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Re: New Racing Leauge

Jul 19, 2012

I'm sure a bunch of people would be interested...but first i think you should come up with all the rules/regs/settings for the series and post a well prepared outline of the series here. That would give you a good shot of getting more attention...Good luck!

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Re: New Racing Leauge

Jul 20, 2012

Thanks changed it there now,


Hope it works!


Entry List


1-BrianRowan800 - Club - Honda Civic EK

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Re: New Racing Leauge

Jul 20, 2012

You might wanna set a restriction for the weight in each class as well.  If not, i could use a 350hp Elise and smoke a 500hp Audi wagon...catch my drift?


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Re: New Racing Leauge

Jul 30, 2012

Yup One eye is right!Smiley Indifferent

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