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(Defunct) GT Saturdays - Weekly Event

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Held weekly at 3:00pm Eastern


It appears there is a consensus that this event is now concluded in its current form at least.


I'd like to thank all of those (hundreds of people) who have raced in this series over the years, and who have enhanced our lives (and mine specifically) by racing for over four years.


This was at one time one of the most successful, long-running events in the GT community, and has provided thousands of hours of enjoyment to fans of GT and friends, cross-cutting all of the competing forums, racing together in peace.


I'm personally proud this has been a place where people who may disagree on the forums, or have fueds with other forums, have gathered here to share the track on neutral ground.  It has been an event which has facilitated the healing of groups that actually splintered from one another.


Thanks to all who have been invovled in planning the event and who have participated over the years.  Also, a special thanks to Rated-M3 for helping to create this thing in the first place!  Also also, thanks to the admins at for giving us a space to plan the weekly event, free of charge, and free of censorship or obligation to make it a "tuna" event.  It should be known to all that they helped this event stay "neutral", even though we used their space to help plan it.


Good luck to all future event planners and attendees.


GT Saturdays is a community event open to anyone who is interested in clean, respectful racing among friends, old or new.  We race from within the GT Saturday's Club lobby.  After you READ OUR RULES posted below, send a FRIEND REQUEST to GT_Saturday at least an hour before race time.  An invite will be sent to join the club prior to racing that week.  If you send a FR, you're in!


Our goal is to provide both new and experienced racers a place to share the track.  Occasionally, we'll run shorter races, but our focus is on longer races around 45min - 1hr in length with a short pre-race.  This gives newcomers to organized racing a taste of what leagues and race series offer.  We welcome all clean racers who would like to join us!


Vehicle Regulations 

Mazda RX-7 Touring Car

Weight (kg)
Tire RestrictionRacing Hard
Vehicle Tuning


Aero KitsN/A



Course Settings  

Mazda Raceway Leguna Seca

2-3 30-minute races


Event Settings 
Start TypeGrid Start w/ False Check
Grid OrderReverse from Qualifier
Race Finish Delayn/a
Visible DamageOn
Mechanical DamageOff
Slipstream StrengthReal
Tire Wear/Fuel Consumptionnormal
Mandatory Pit Stop(s)No
Force Tire Type ChangeNo
Grip Reduction when Off TrackReal


Regulation Settings 
Skid Force RecoveryOff
Active SteeringOff
Driving LineAvailable




Calendar of events:

 photo calendar_thumbnail_zps80e1a7ba.png





Our Racing Etiquette and Rules:


Participants should cooperate with these rules to the best of their ability.  Enforcement of rules will be on an 'as needed' basis, and usually is not necessary for our regular racers.



Racing Cleanly:

(Note: We are currently experimenting with using penalties as a deterrant.)  GT Saturdays races are usually run with penalties turned off, so we rely on self-moderation and review of replays to determine any foul-play.  Conduct yourself honorably, and that's exactly how you'll be seen!  Remember that the goal here is not always to win, but to have the people you're racing with actually enjoy racing with you!

Youtube videos may also be made from race replays, which can be entertaining for the community, but also realize your conduct will be shown on these replays too.


  • No Cutting - Never intentionally cut corners or use run-off areas (paved or otherwise) as part of your lap strategy.  We all miss the mark sometimes, but participants should always aim for staying on the track and making compromises to do so.  In most cases, track boundaries are marked by white painted lines.  Participants should keep at least two wheels inside or on the edge of those lines.

  • Don't benefit from mistakes - If you have a situation where your vehicle exits the legal track boundaries or similar situation, you should make sure you lift off the gas or otherwise self-penalize an appropriate amount so that your car does not obtain a higher speed, a shorter track, take positions etc.  You should also take the shortest and safest route back to the road and re-enter the track safely.

  • Re-enter track safely - If your car exits the track, not only should you not benefit, but if approaching traffic would be hindered or harmed by your sudden re-entry, you should wait from the edge of the track until there is a safe time to re-enter.  Pit stops should be done with similar care, both entering and exiting the pit row.

Racing Courteously:

  • Avoid contact - Everyone makes mistakes and racing closely is going to result in some bumping, but those bumps should never be intentional or careless.  Emphasis is placed on the passing car to avoid contact, understanding that the leading car has the prerogative to take their preferred racing line (this does not condone intentional blocking.)

  • Don't gain from collisions -  Give back positions.  Simply put, if you take someone out, you should not gain any positions and wait for the person you wrecked to re-enter the track and then you should race WITH them until you can pass them cleanly.

  • Wait for it... - Find the right time to pass.  The longer format races we usually run allow enough time for a faster racer to eventually pass a slower one.  Taking huge risks to make bold passes early on in a race are unnecessary and will cause problems on the track.  Try to determine whether your pass is likely to cause the other car to hit you, for the simple fact that they assume you won't make such a careless move and try to put their car where you are trying to put your car.  In that situation, the passing car has the responsibility to avoid contact at all costs!  This is something that takes time to learn, so participants will not be expected to have perfect understanding of this concept at first, but should show an effort to improve.

  • Who gets the racing line? No dive-bombing - If two racers are attempting to go through a tight corner, where a known racing line exists and that line starts wide and then cuts inside for optimal exit speed, the chasing car should never intersect that racing line if it is reasonable to assume it could cause contact with the leading car, who has the prerogative to chose their optimal line.  If the chasing car does not have enough space and time to use an opening left by the leading car, AND avoid contact in the process, they will be at fault for any contact and should give the position back.  Additionally, if a pass occurs from a significant bump, the position should not be kept.

  • No intentional blocking/draft dodging - Taking an optimal racing line and preventing someone from passing is not intentional blocking.  If a car is chasing and has clear momentum to pass, then you should not weave and should not block them from overtaking.  If two cars are side-by-side going into a corner, then both cars have responsibility to avoid hitting the other.  Similarly, if passing car has reason to believe they cannot complete the pass before the corner, it is often better to fall back and wait for a better opportunity.  Remember, it's about having the people you're racing with continue to WANT to race with you.

  • Slow down for wrecks - We do not use a caution system for most races.  (If we do, it will be announced for races such as NASCAR or formula cars.)  As such, we expect drivers to avoid causing additional problems when wrecks do occur.  If the track is littered with cars and there is no clear opening, don't risk creating a bigger wreck by going off track to circumvent the existing wreck or do unsafe maneuvers you wouldn't do in a real race car.  In other words, SLOW DOWN and pass through the area at a speed that will allow the race to continue with little or no additional problems.  In even more words, you should not rely on wrecks as a way to sneak ahead to first place while cars in front of you are being appropriately cautious.

Race Room Etiquette
- In most cases our races are run in a private lounge, where technically everyone has access to room settings and starting races.  No one who is not on the planning committee or designated by said committee should change any room settings without permission.



Current GT Saturdays Committee











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Re: The New GT Saturday's Event Page.

Jul 12, 2012

Okay as of now the specs are set for this saturday the 14th!

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Re: The New GT Saturday's Event Page.

Jul 12, 2012

Ahh, Love the New Thread Smell, lol. Are we still gonna use the GT Saturdays General Discussion thread? 

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Re: The New GT Saturday's Event Page.

Jul 12, 2012
I see no reason to start a new discussion thread. Its floating around somewhere lol
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Re: The New GT Saturday's Event Page.

Jul 12, 2012

May suggest RM's over RH's...?


RM's will allow you to push a little in the few corners, and will allow for some heat issues that will both affect tire wear and add a slight penalty for "over the top" tuning of the chassis. Hard's pretty much just wear... It'd be worth a test or two to verify at any rate, but any variable that can reward good strategy, set up and driving ability is better than a tire that wears pretty much the same regardless.


Just a thought.


Carry on.


Maybe I just still hate RH's. Almost as much as I hate RS's... Cat Tongue

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Re: The New GT Saturday's Event Page.

Jul 12, 2012
I had the thought of just leaving the tire choice open and let the person with the best strategy hopefully pick up the win. Didn't know if it would get a good reaction with 17 laps. But now you've got me thinking about it again Dan.

I felt like if people had different tires they would still be able to keep up for the most part with the numerous straights on the track. I'll think about it throughout the day and maybe a little testing tonight.

Dan if you have the time could you see how much of a time difference there is between the different compounds of tires. If you don't have the time then I understand.

Hope to see you out there saturday bud.
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Re: The New GT Saturday's Event Page.

Jul 12, 2012

I can try... Currently trying to get the swelling on my jaw down and stay awake. I got lucky, the tooth came out whole, but there's been a lot more bleeding than there should be. Just got to keep it from infection and survive a liquid diet for a few days. The pain pills are pretty good though...


Speeds would be a concern with open choice... In my head I'd wonder about whether you'd have to pit too often with Softs, especially with so few "corners" to really take advantage of them. It seems you'd just wear them out on the straights. But I can see a good 20-30 second lap time difference, and the pit delta isn't horrifically long.


Hards may have an issue holding temps. It'll depend on DF, which because of the long straights you'll likely have turned down at least some. That'll mean the tires cooling off in a light car and then sudden braking for the chicanes. Hards don't handle that very well, they can go red in a hurry same as softs and can lose a bunch of wear from skidding while cool. I also find hards to just be too predictable both in wear and in constant sudden cold/hot/cold/hot/cold behavior. If they last long enough to heat up, they'll be OK, but Sarthe has such a vast difference in type of track depending on where you are I wonder if it's just an invitation to tire issues in a car that light and nimble. 


The mediums will still give some grip while cold making the chicanes a bit less treacherous, and they still offer the penalty of overheating as the others do, but without the sudden hemorrhoidal like flare up. It tends to give you just enough time to react, which allows you to push that little bit when you have to. It also occurs to me that the RM's don't mind going red once, it's only after that they start giving slip and slide fits and accelerated wear. The RS and RH tend to start right off giving you issues.


As stickiness relates to heat more than ever, too much DF will make for almost white under stress, just at the lose grip point. That will come fast with RH and RS, but will take a little time with RM's. White tires are slippery buggers, and I must say I really hate the accelerated cold hot cold cycle that RS and RH tires can suffer. It's either ton o grip, no grip, ton o grip or no grip, sliding no grip and then no grip.


The downside is that it takes RM's longer to get rid of that condition, so it's a "live by the sword, die by the sword kind" of thing. As long as you take care of them, you can get extra laps out of RM's. Or you can go for broke and treat them like softs and change them just as often. It's more controllable by the driver and what he or she wants to accomplish as opposed to dictated to by the tires model being a little off.


I wouldn't even consider softs, they simply don't impress me at all. I'd rather race Sport softs than Race softs. Hards are like ice skating. You skate when they're cold, then you get some heat in them and you either lose it and skate or over heat them and skate. Either way it's an afternoon with Peggy Flemming. They just get hot way too fast or stay too cold and wear the same either way.


For me, RM's have always been choice because you have the benefit of both race tires with some unique wear and penalties the other 2 don't give you... Usually because they just wore away to quick from being too soft or too cold.


RM's have always felt like the most realistic representation of a real world tire to me. Sports softs and Meds are now that way too. Even Comfort softs feel pretty realistic to me now. They've come a long way since 2.0 even, but not quite there yet.


I'd slap a set of RM's on and see how many laps you can go. Then do the same with RH's. If they're anywhere close, RM's. If it's 2x the laps with hards, I'd go with RM's anyway just to make pit entry and exit and pit delta time a variable to contend with.


You know me.


Anything I can do to mess with only caring about the "driver" part and bring attention to the rest of the racing parts. Smiley Very Happy

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Re: The New GT Saturday's Event Page.

Jul 12, 2012

like the new thread.


thanks for taking the initiative crow


I'd like to continue to help out with GT Saturdays after taking a break, but not for a couple more weeksly, probably.


let's keep the legacy of this great social event going!


these are definitely slow months for gaming because of vacations and other things going on, and the forum change unfortunately in my opinion slowed down posting from regulars...  I like the new format, but people aren't posting...


I'll try to be around on Saturday but I'm not sure yet.

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GT Saturdays Event Thread

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Re: The New GT Saturday's Event Page.

Jul 13, 2012
yay new thread, mmhmm the smell of new thread Smiley Happy
Dan, controll your bleeding man, im pretty sure you dont wana be the first ever Zombie. then be the first ever Zombie to be killed.

by the way is time and weather on?

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Re: The New GT Saturday's Event Page.

Jul 13, 2012

Since this is, more or less, an event that represents the whole forum, not just GT fans, I linked it for the mods and HCV members to more easily find this scheduled event.


Maybe a few of them will come back to it for some racing fun.

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