Jan 19 2013
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Daytona 500 (closed for good)

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dmcallis is now the host of these events, add him to get in to these races. dmcallis is running the show now Smiley Wink. I'm just tired of people suggesting someone else to host these races due to lag that appears at random from week to week or random parts of the race, it just reminds me how crapy of internet we have then brings me down and ruins my good time, its slow, yes. if you can't be happy with I have to work with then feel free to join other race events. I don't mean how that sounds by the way, just saying is all. I've left dmcallis in complete charge of these events (sunday races included) if he decides to keep it going. this means the rules and restrictions may change.


starting time of these events is the last sunday at 6pm every other month


I also host shorter races on sunday, click here for more details





  1. no going off track to either pass or gain unfair advantage
  2. no hacking/cheating
  3. get back on track only if its safe to do so without causing a wreck
  4. no one starts the race or change room settings except me or unless I tell you that you can start the race


car restricted to-NASCAR



no skid recorvery force

no ASM



slipstream (draft strength)-strong (details in other info)

boost-strong (details in other info)


other info

  1. once the DAYTONA 500 event is finished, 15 laps around DAYTONA. then I'll keep starting the races as long there are people in the room with me until the clock strikes 11pm est. if the clock strikes 11pm est while there is a race going on, I'll let the race finish, after that there will be no more races until the next DAYTONA 500 event.
  2. boost will be used so people that can't match the faster cars closer has a fighting chance
  3. for any reason I cant host a sunday race dmcallis will host em. I'll make a note of it at the buttom of this main thread stateing that dmcallis will be hosting. otherwise I'll be hosting em.
  4. races will auto start every 5 minutes (this is so I don't limit tuning times) (new)
  5. slipstream will be set to strong to help keep everyone closer together to give them a fighting chance
My GT6 club number 1036691
the club is for my ;X2014 jr racing events I host.
we also have a facebook page, check it out by clicking here
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Re: Daytona 500 (hosting closed)

Jan 21, 2013
Andy, what happened? Please don't be discouraged. No need to clear us all off your list.
" A defeat is good for the character if you take it the right way."

Who said it?
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Re: Daytona 500 (hosting closed)

Feb 27, 2013

For links to more details.

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Re: Daytona 500 (hosting closed)

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Feb 27, 2013

We have a Daytona 500 scheduled for this Saturday March 2nd.


Check us out at


for links to our facebook page and other locations we post events.


This event has been discontinued. Locking the thread. -space_cape!!



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