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Re: Accuracy NSX RM '91 Challenge

Jun 2, 2013

Me too Wyld. Juan was talking about maybe doing a Thursday night series. I'm just taking a break from hosting because with a huge family reunion coming up and increased work hours, I can't commit to racing on a schedule for awhile.


I started sending out the prizes this morning.


@hey, check your psn inbox - the code was sent this morning.

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Re: Accuracy NSX RM '91 Challenge

Jun 3, 2013

WyldAnimal wrote:

WAGG__da__DOGG wrote:



@Wyld - sorry about the contact last night. Did my best to hold my line. The first time you didn't have to wait for me, it was very cool of you to do so.


Thanks again for racing, hope everyone had fun.



Hey Wagg, it's all good.  I was in front, and I wasn't sure if I cut off your line and caused you to spin,

Since I wasn't in the points running, I waited to give you back the position.


While I really enjoyed this series, I gotta say, I hated this car..  LOL

I just couldn't get a good tune on it..

No matter what i tried, it just Pushed through the turns,  I had a very hard time trying to hold any kind of line.

So I usually dove in a little low, let it push to the outside, and hoped I didn't go too far, to run off the track..

I was always a good 3 to 4 seconds slower per lap than most everyone else..


Sure, some of that is my driving style, but I couldn't even keep up down the straight with a draft..


Anyway, It' was great racing with everyone..
I look forward to the next time we can all get together on the track.


Hey, Wyld, i'm not on verymuch but if you ever want any help making these cars anymore driveable, please let me know. i have no problem sharing, just remeber to ask.
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