Oct 09 2012
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24h Race For Children's Miracle Network!

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Legion League is proud to present in association with Extra Life foundation, a 24 hour endurance event!! Each year Extra Life holds a 24 hour gaming marathon in which gamers are encouraged to raise money for Children's Miracle Network. This year Legion League is joining the campaign with it's very own 24 hour endurance event which will span 6, 4 hour races all rolled into one 24 hour period. You might be thinking, this is all great but how much money to enter? Well you're in luck because it's completely FREE! Legion League has acquired a private sponsor that will add $150 for every car that starts & finishes the full 24 hours. We will have a points championship with the winner deciding which CMN Hospital the donation goes too! Which brings us to the racing, we will visit 6 world famous race tracks running a 4 hour endurance race on each of them. You may have as many or as few co-drivers as you wish but be aware if you drop out of the event entirely, you will not earn any money for CMN. So by now you're probably wondering what cars will be used for this event, well, that is mostly up to you. We have fitted a series of loose regulations (See details below) so you may choose a car that fits your driving style with no more than 3 of the same car in the event. We will be having a short race in a recommended car to determine the order of car selection, in the interest of fairness. So in closing if you want to raise money for a good cause and would like to race for 24 hours, we would love to have you in the event. Below is a list of regulations for the event as well as important dates. If you wish to participate in this event please contact me via psn (ID: Ovac) or this thread! If you have any questions/concerns please put them in this thread. Hope to see you on the track!
  • 10-13-12   6:00PM EDT -Car Selection Race
  • 10-20-12 12:00PM EDT -24h Event Begins
  • 10-21-12 12:00PM EDT -24h Event Ends



  • 502BHP
  • 1100kg Minimum
  • Racing Hard Or Less
  • Tuning Allowed
  • Must Be A Race Car
  • Car Must Have Fenders/Lights/Bumpers/Roof
  • No LMP's
  • You May Use Multiple's Of The Same Car


  • 4 Hour Races (Aprox)
  • 16 Cars Max
  • 15 Minute Break Between Races
  • Boost On Low
  • Damage Light
  • Grip Real 
  • Penalties Low
  • No Driver Per Car Limit
  • If You DNF A Race, You Will Be Allowed To Start Next Event


  • Will Use 2012 Grand-Am Points System


  • 30 Minute Race In TBD Recommended Car
  • Finishing Order Will Determine Car Selection Order
  • You May Change Selection Prior To Race Day
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Re: 24h Race For Children's Miracle Network!

Oct 10, 2012

I'm interested! I do have one question as of now...


I'm assuming 110kg minumum weight is a typo. What is that supposed to be?


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Re: 24h Race For Children's Miracle Network!

Oct 11, 2012
Sorry for the delay (forum issues) but yes it is indeed a typo.

The minimum is actually: 1100kg

Glad your interested!
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Re: 24h Race For Children's Miracle Network!

Oct 18, 2012



Very awesome and for a great cause, do you have an individual profile for extra-life or does Legion League have an extra-life Team page so I can visit it.







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Re: 24h Race For Children's Miracle Network!

Oct 22, 2012

Sorry I had to miss this, but I hope it all went well.

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