Mar 13 2011
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Trials and Tribulations ( Freezing )

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"Just bought a Slim 160 GB ps3 two weeks ago. Have bought 3 different copies of God Of War III. Have tried everything. I have a Samsung 1080p LCD. Game freezes right after I beat the first boss or what ever.. 5 min'ish in. My room temperature is 68 degrees."

"Hello all. I just wanted to let you know I was able to play the game and am in the hell and have just killed the three headed dog. My solution was putting my T.V. in game mode in which put it to a 1280 x 720 resolution. The game mode itself clames it accelerates the game playing speed.. How ever I think all it does is drop the resolution.

I have a 1080p T.V. and I understand the game itself is a 720P with upscale.. How ever I tried selecting different upscale modes on the system to no avail.

So my suggestions are.. Try selecting 720 P on your system ( Haven't tried it ) or see if your T.V. has some sort of game mode.

I'm glad this has sorted it out.. THUS far. I'm pretty positive I will not run into any other issues.

Pretty ******** I had to go through all of this.

Hope this helps guys, the game is terrific so far!"

After this I decided to do some testing in 1080p with upscalers and Control HDMI. Turned both of those on played the game fine in 1080p. Turned them off still played fine in 1080p. Where as before I played a few hours in game mode for my T.V... I would freeze right after defeating the first worm on Gaia. The verdict? The game is unstable. I'm guessing that the save points from playing in 720p somehow allowed me to be able to play past those points in 1080p.

I'm going to attempt to beat this game A.S.A.P. so I can take it back. Hopefully without any more freezes.

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Re: Trials and Tribulations ( Freezing )

Apr 14, 2012

I'd wager the game is unstable too.

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