Mar 29 2010
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Titan Role Call!

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Can anyone identify those titans in the opening scene of the game?  They all looked really really cool and made for a great opening establishing shot, but they're never named in the game at any point (except for Gaia)


The God of War III Ultimate Edition artbook has no art of any of the titans, so that was out.


Best I could make out was that the one which looked like overgrown rock looked like Typhon from God of War II (when he fell it sounded like his voice too) but that's a shot in the dark.


There was also a titan made of magma and a titan with arcing electricity around his body.


Devs?  Feel free to put this to rest.  It took me three years to identify all the gods zeus was talking to at the end of the God of War II (Although I knew Hermes when I saw him).

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Re: Titan Role Call!

Mar 29, 2010

Atlas, the Titan that was forced to bear the spheres of the heavens on his shoulders. *Duh*

Cronos, the leader and the youngest of the first generation of Titans. *Duh*

Gaia, the Titan goddess of the earth and current leader of the Titans. *Duh*

Hyperion, the Titan god of watching and observation. *Titan of light, shown in GOW:CoO*

Oceanus, Oceanic Titan of Water,The *Titan of Lightning seen climbing Mt Olympus in God of War III*

Oranos, King of all Titans and the former ruler of earth *Never shown*

Prometheus, the Titan forced to bear the pain of being eaten alive everyday by a large eagle. *GOW:II*

Rhea, the mother of Zeus and wife of Cronos. *Wife of Cronos, GOW:II cutscene*

Typhon, the Titan of wind trapped inside a mountain. *GOW:II*

Perses, the Titan of Destruction. *Magma Titan seen climbing Mt Olympus in God of War III who fights Helios*

Epimetheus, The Titan of Nature. *Frozen Titan seen climbing Mt Olympus in God of War III who poseidon jumps into*

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