Nov 30 2012
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God of War 3 fans...are you a fan of Starhawk MP? (Santa Monica game!)

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Santa Monica is probably one of my favourite game studious ever since God of War 2 game out. God of War of my favourite games of all time mostly due to the best singleplayer experience I have ever had for a game. 

When Starhawk came out I wasn't really intrested in it...but when I heard SM was a part of Starhawk I had to try this game out. So  I bought Starhawk after playing hours of Warhawk (which was a brilliant game). Starhawk may be confusing at first to people who haven't played Warhawk. But the more you play it (usually after a couple days) it ends up growing on you and the more you play it the more fun it gets. So the point is Starhawk is easily the BEST MULTIPLAYER GAME I HAVE PLAYED...and if you enjoy games like Halo and BF you will love this game. Sadly though this game's online community depresses me...even when compared to Warhawk which had quite a bit of people playing after so many years. But I don't want this to be another great game that dies due to no one noticing its existance. 


So I want to help give this game its what it should be getting and that is great sales and a large online community. So here our some ways I can think of and if we can make this thread MASSIVE in terms of popularity Sony will be forced to listen to us. 



- If we get over a certain amount of posts then we can ask Sony to bundle it massivley (like how they bundled LBP and Uncharted as the bundles made the games popular and the sequels as extremley popular)


- So please post anything about Starhawk...pros, cons etc 

* This may sound insane but if everyone in this community pitches in then this game can have a strong online community unlke what it has now


Here is some MP Gameplay:

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