Feb 06 2011
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GOW 3 and freezing issues...

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So i got GOW3 back in mid January and its played fine and all no issues, then i go back to school and since i left my PS3 at home i havnt played it in about 2 weeks or so. I come home this weekend and started to play it and i got up to Hermes, once i enter the room after climbing up the chain its just freezes and the little logo is spinning in the bottom right hand corner. Ive tried numerous times and it keeps doing the same thing at the same time, i was even able to reach the save point in the room and once i hit R1 it freezes. So no matter what i do i cant get through or to the save point in that little room without the game freezing.

Upon further inspection of the disk there is a pretty decent scratch on the edge of the disk, if i rub my finger over it i can feel the indent which is something that is never good. I bought this game used at Blockbuster and im pretty sure i can still return it since there is a 30 day return policy (i think?) even not im still going to give them hell until i get my money back for selling my a faulty product.

But what im more curious about is that this game is notorious for its freezing issues (unless i am mistaken?) and was wondering if there is a chance that its just the game not the disk that is causing this and if there is anyway i could test this theory out? I mean regardless i am going to exchange the game and hopefully get a replacement or my money back (only problem is that im not going to be able to find it cheaper then it is at blockbuster but its whatever)


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Re: GOW 3 and freezing issues...

Apr 14, 2012

The game is notorious for its freezing issues. It could be the scratch but I doubt it.

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