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my way to obtain Boss batch 3 trophy

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can anyone prove to me that it works for them. i have attempted this twice and for me it worked both times. i have created 2 profiles on my PS3.

you can not continue the game with those urns. you must begin a new game. so when the difficulty selections appear the very hard difficulty is grayed out and not selectable. select the easy difficulty. run through the game without any back tracking. try to get through the game as fast as you can. do not attain any urns. you must start new game. once you have reached the 3rd sister of fate and kill her the trophy will unlock. you do not have to finish the game from there because you have achieved your goal. then you can go to any of your saved games and continue them any way you please. the above information is just for the purpose of unlocking that trophy. i know you want everything the game has to offer. just think of this as only a trophy run. by beating the game first and obtained the urns is what i believe prevents you from obtaining the boss batch 3 trophy. some sort of glitch the programers did not catch and i have no hope of them fixing it.

as far as the work around guide, it is quite the same thing. only you have to save the game and keep that save. that one point you save in the game is so you can repeat a part of the game over and over until the trophy is unlocked. you still can obtain the urns but you must not save over the place the guide tells you to, so you can go back to that save and attempt that part of the game again to get the trophy to unlock. just keep going back to that saved area and play the part over. now i have noticed that some people still do not get the trophy to unlock when attempting this guide information, so just work out my way above and tell me if this does work for you.

remember you have to begin a new game without getting any urns. once you get that trophy to unlock the new game you started in easy difficulty can be saved over. hope this is much cleared information.

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Re: my way to obtain Boss batch 3 trophy

Dec 5, 2010

spoiler information below. do not look if you are interested in finding the urns on your own.

okay my bad there is a mistake above about the difficulty being grayed out and this is why below.

okay, the part where start a new game. i was wrong about the greyed out part it will be selectable if you have completed the game. the reason i stated this is that when i did my original testing, i used my primary profile. i have 2 user profiles on my PS3. when i began to play god of war for the fist time ever, i use my secondary user profile to play the game and completed the game and did not get the boss batch 3 trophy to unlock. so to test my theory on not getting any urns i used my primary user profile and started fresh where you could not select the TITAN difficulty. that is why i stated this, sorry for the confusion this caused. it was just part of my testing so i could verify my theory about the urns being the problem. so after i completed the game without getting the urns, the boss batch 3 trophy did unlock after killing the 3rd sister of fate. now i tested that idea in my secondary user profile. i started a new game by selecting the very easy difficulty and selected no to playing the bonus play. that is how you begin a new fresh game so that you do not begin with the urns and other unlocked items. you need to select no and begin a new game without these features unlocked. i did not obtain any urns during this game and in doing so made the game go by faster. see below for clarification about the backtracking.

yes by backtracking i mean: urn 1 you do not move the block to its location and bring the block back to continue. just ignore it. urn 2 do not backtrack to get it. the only way to get it is obtaining the fleece to deflect the stoning beams at that area past the water wheel. do not backtrack for it. urn 3 do not run back by using the time stopping amulet. do not backtrack for it. urn 4 you can just pass by it do not get it. if you are in easy difficulty there is no need to get any extra chests that are with the chest that contain the urns. but if you do want them i would say that will not cause any issues because i think i did grab the eye and/or feather at those locations.

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