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Trophy issue Question

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So just a quick question. I've got 2 user accounts. First is my main one. 2nd I really only created to hold more Demon's Souls characters. Anyway, I had accidently started, and finished God of War 2 on my 2nd user, and decided to play it again on my first so I could add the additional trophies to my main user. But when I start it up, it says there is save data on another user and will not be able to save or unlock trophies.  I deleted my save data on the second user but I still get the same message.  Any ideas?  Would I have to delete that user entirely to get the saves and trophies to work on my main user name?  Just weird cause this is the only game  I've had this problem with.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Trophy issue Question

Sep 17, 2010

you can not remove trophy information once it is saved in the user account. at least that my understanding, but i never received that message.


i also have created 2 user accounts on my 60 gig fully backwards compatible PS3. i also be played GOW 2 (Collection disc) on both my user accounts and did not get that message. i started GOW 2 on my secondary user account, and because of the "3rd boss batch" trophy not unlocking after finishing the requirements to unlock it, i started GOW 2 on my 1st user account and decided that getting all item was not necessary for this attempt. i had some suspicion that the URN's used for bonus play may have something to do with not getting that trophy. so i completed it without the urns (which saved some time and i wonder now if that may have been the true cause? the 3rd boss batch trophy may be a timed one as well, but have not received any answers for that.) and once the 3rd sister of fate died that trophy was unlocked. So i started over again on my 2nd user account, did the same thing and that unlock it.


I know this does not directly answer your question, but maybe something hear will give you some other ideas on how 2 solve your issue. I have not been given any direct help with my issues that i have posted, but some of the replies have given me new ideas on how to get around them. Just like the above example, i made it up on my own and found a way of getting what i wanted. So far i have noticed that everyones experiences and issue are so different that you can only get very general replies that do not help you much.

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