Jul 30 2012
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PvE - Lvl 10-20 d/d "rotation"

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Q:Arcane Power (crits!)
Ride The Lightning
Arcane Wave
Lightning Touch (vulnerability)
Drake's Breath (burning)
Fire Grab (extra ouch on the burning guy)

Is the non-veteran mob I just jumped on with this set of skills dead? Almost dead? Am I out of my mind? 

A1:Interesting topic. . .

When the game is released the low level zones will not doubt be flooded so being a bit more of a team player could go a long ways

S/D will give you access to 3 blast finishers allowing you to dump a healthy stack of Might on allies
Dragon's Tooth and Phoenix don't even need to go off near the fields; you just need to be standing in them when they hit
Slightly off topic, (gw2 gold I think we'll be seeing a lot of people rushing the "Blasting Staff" trait by level 30 

A2:You don't really need to be casting rotations to maximize your kill speed. With the aggro radius I'd say its probably better to treat an entire area of mobs as one encounter, and save those aoe control abilities like updraft and arcane wave for when you've pulled a group of foes, rather than instagib the first thing you run into and be handicapped for the next 30 seconds. 

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