Aug 28 2010
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GOW 2 experience (blood red orbs count) total problem

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Many attempts have I made in completing titan difficulty (very hard) on my GOW 2 game (the PS3 collection disc). The information that I found about the amount of blood red orbs being 75% during normal play (not bonus) is not happening. I have calculated that its more like under 60%. If someone out there has noticed that there is no way to get 75% of total amount you can acquire in red orbs, please say something. Out of the many times I have experimented playing titan difficulty I have observed that in general you can get 55% with some effort. Achieving 60% was mostly due to extremely critical planning of all battles.


Anyone ever pay close attention to this or did the 75% change? If the 75% were true this post would not have occurred. Here are the totals I have achieved today and compared.......


In hard difficulty 3951 saved at "The Hand Cavern" save point (this is just getting there and not returning to that save point.)

In very hard difficulty 2321 saved at "The Hand Cavern" save point (this is just getting there and not returning to that save point.)


These attempts up to "The Hand Cavern" were completed with the same attacks patterns for all battles. The only difference I can see is that there are red blood orbs that do not add to your total in titan difficulty. Why? Why? Why?.... anyone?




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Re: GOW 2 experience (blood red orbs count) total problem

Aug 28, 2010

It's already been covered and this is poor testing procedure.  There isn't enough 'control' like this.


Test a given chest individually for value.  Compare normal and very hard *hard too if it suits you*.


Test a foes EXP drops (these are randomly set depending on death TYPE *besides the static bonus*).  Perhaps you werent aware the drops for any given beast differ between kill types.  Moreover, a single type can give different amount (set with a lowest and highest drop).


You would do better to put more work into how you structure your tests.


You don't need multiple topics for this issue.  And I've already noted you should look around more (at places like TUGOWU).  The percentiles concerning EXP in GoWII are as follows for difficulties (NP) *BP doesn't change the EXP worth, but costumes alter the values further*:


Easy - 200%

Normal - 100%

Hard - 100%

Very Hard 75%


You're getting a fraction of orb worth.  You're free to test on your own if you wish to verify any issue with small orb drops granting less than 75% when you KNOW what it's really worth.  Try picking cases that don't fluctuate in value so much.  It takes some work to do what I do.


NOTE: EXP bonuses don't bow to percentiles.


You shouldn't be testing on a large scale that you can't honestly say you control when you don't even understand the ways your test can be thrown off *the flaws in the method*.  Just stick to small scale.  Use the Arena.  If the main game, an exact chest case or an exact foe when you already know how much their EXP drops are.  For free, I'll tell you what the Rhodian Soldiers are worth:


CS kill - 11 (orb worth) *not counting +5 for BRUTAL KILL BONUS, combo bonuses, etc.  unaffected by percentiles*

Death - 12-14

Stone Shatter - (air or ground) 27


~Feel free to go at it yourself while minding my advice, the information given, etc.  Unless you can clearly show there is an issue, there isn't anything more to say about these 'findings' or the issue at hand.  One topic is plenty.  Feel free to share thoughts as such.

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Re: GOW 2 experience (blood red orbs count) total problem

Sep 2, 2010

Please keep the same issue to one topic as to not confuse others and to prevent requests for duplicate information.  If anyone has any other advice for Darkpegesis, please post it in the following topic:


GOW 2 Titan (very hard) difficulty glitch

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