Sep 07 2010
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Vine jumping in "Rooftops of Athens" section

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Hi, everybody.


I'm relatively new to the God of War franchise. I recently completed GoW3 on the easy and normal levels of difficulty, and thought I'd give the PS3 versions of GoW1 and GoW2 a whirl, then go back and play 3 again on Titan Mode.


So, I'm working my way through 1 and I'm just getting so stuck on the vine jumping in the "Rooftops of Athens" section, even though last night I was making some progress.


Whether I'm jumping to the right or the left, I just can't seem to get Kratos to leap far enough to make the grab and complete the jump.


I'm sure there's some little quirky touch or nuance that's eluding me today, but if someone has any suggestions, I'd appreciate hearing them.



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