Aug 16 2011
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Can't open chests once I get to Athens why?

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I am stuck on God of War 1 collection disc for the PS3.

My chests won’t open and I don’t know why. They used to open until I got further into the game,

As soon as I get off the boat and defeat some enemies, all the chests all do not open.

This would not be so bad as I managed to continue through the game until I get to the part where I have to use the Medusa gaze to freeze a Minotaur on a floor button to open the gates so I could get out.

At this stage I do not have enough magic and I can’t open the magic chest, so I cannot freeze the Minotaur. I tried battling them until I could power up but that takes ages.

Is this a bug in the game or did I fail to do something beforehand? I am playing on the normal level.

I called PS3 support but they could not help other than suggest I do a system reset involving reformatting my hard drive.

I did have Internet problems on my wireless lately, so I am thinking during the install, when my Internet was not working, I could have missed a recent update patch? I may have to wait until I get my wireless Internet working again before I try.

I basically stopped playing until someone can help me. The walkthroughs don’t seem to address this problem. This is a great game so it’s a shame I can’t play it at this point. Any help or suggestions are appreciated.

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Re: Can't open chests once I get to Athens why?

Aug 17, 2011

I'd say wait to get online and see if that helps. When playing through the original God of War on the PlayStation 2, we didn't have these fancy schmancy firmware updates to correct games - and I'm not sure why that would be the problem now if it is.

If that doesn't work, then try doing a system reboot of the hard drive, as suggested by technical support. Maybe even loading up an old save or replaying through the game would do the trick?

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Re: Can't open chests once I get to Athens why?

Aug 21, 2011

Finally figured it out. I can open the chests as I just have to stand in front and press the R2 button. I was waiting for the R2 prompt before but it seems like it disappears in the game.

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