Jan 25 2013
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Trophy problem

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I have a bit of a weird problem here, I am playin' GOW: Ghost of Sparta on the Origins Collection again. I had all the trophies, except for beatin' the game on hard mode on one system then it died. Now I am playin' it again to get the trophy for the platinum on a new system, but when I am in the game it started me over on all the trophies. When I quit out of the game, my original trophies are there; like I said it's wierd, so I was wonderin' if anyone has a problem like this. If I can still get the platinum without havin' to get all the trophies again?


Any info would be appreciated, thank you

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Re: Trophy problem

Jan 31, 2013

Hey Skip, I recently just swapped out harddrives on my PS3 and started replaying Darksiders before I dive into Darksiders II.


I already have the Platinum for Darksiders but when I got to the point where the game rewards you your first trophy, I was really surprised when all of a sudden I was rewarded a trophy I already had earned.


What I did was, while in-game, pres the PS button on the controller, scroll over to my Profile under the Friends category of the XMB. Then I pressed X to enter into my Profile. The PS3 will make your trophies Sync with the servers inorder to view the Trophies for your Profile. Once, you do this then just press the PS button again to return to the game.


The game should then realize you already have the trophies and it shouldn't reward them to you anymore until you get to the ones you haven't earned yet.


Hope this helps!

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