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Theras bane

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i am starting to believe that theras bane doesnt actually adds'd think that it would be like rage of the gods/titans/sparta but i think it actually makes you do less damage when you use it. when i used it at some enemies that were hanging from a rope it took 3 hits instead of 2 that it takes with just the from what i understand  when you use theras bane you inflict less damage but you can stick a bomb on an enemy in the end of a combo and i think it also stuns enemies easier than normal attacks

am i right?

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Re: Theras bane

Nov 9, 2010

I've noted Bane augmented Rope strikes to be weaker.  Using bane seems to do well for negating enemy defense, stunning, leaving searing core (for damage, knockbacks, stuns, breaking armor, etc.) and maybe dealing damage through armor *haven't checked*.  Burning foes allows for different EXP drops besides the death animation not unlike Efreet kills of CoO.

It's on my to-do list to produce damage values to make this all clear like how RotT was once misunderstood.  Odds are quite high that only 'cores' deal damage that's notable.  How much stronger they get with upgrades, if they're effected by power % at all (or just Fire power %), etc. all remain to be tested.  Of course, I get the dubious honor of handling this with the guide having dropped the ball on getting me started.  Again.  Just like CoO.  Don't wait up.

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Re: Theras bane

Nov 10, 2010

I suddenly got a fleeting itch to see what's going on under the hood.  Nothing major, but the below might help us understand the game a bit better.

Just doing some light testing.  Nothing big right now.


Easy - 200%

Normal - 100%

Hard - 100%

Very Hard - 75%

Spells are affected by difficulty.  Bane weakens strikes to a degree so perhaps lvl3 keeps truer to the real power of your Blades.  Searing Core is what adds the real damage.  The power of the Blades go from 1.0 to 3.0 between lv1 and lvl4.  Not sure how it would upgrade on a level-to-level basis.  Haven't tested that or the difference in power for the AoS at lvl4 versus lvl1 power.

*further testing*

Bane hits (lvl3 Bane) deal half the damage the Blades should deal.  The lvl3 Searing Core appears to deal 20 damage to the target and 5 splash damage to those near them.  Two foes with cores who explode by each other should sustain 25 damage each.  Upon testing, splash doesn't appear to affect those with a core on them.  There is a degree of damage over time to the core.  Perhaps it deals all but 5 damage prior to the explosion itself.  It may well deal damage as grabs go on.

lvl3 SoE deals 1 damage per hit (20 hits) then a 5 damage ender.  Said ender somewhat hurts its usefulness to me as a testing aid.

lvl3 EoA deals 0.5 damage per hit (30 hits) without mashing.  The lightning surges might deal an extra 8.  Hard to tell.

I'm finding it difficult to measure HoB...

The guide isn't giving me the precise values as per usual.

I never finished my CoO testing, but I had Very Hard for it as follows while still testing/retesting:

Power: 62.5% (this is clearly different) *75%*

Armor: 31.25% (different) *20%*

HP: 25% (untested, but likely accurate)

MP: ? (untested)

EXP: 100% ? (untested)

Recovery: 1 second

CoO apparently factors in Fire Regeneration and Fire damage as new considerations.  It....doesn't appear to have changed across settings.

That's enough of this for now, but I'm getting vibes more in line with GoWIII percentiles this time.  I guess they just gave enemies high base damage and allowed grabs to be powered by the % as well, because I honestly felt like they set it to 10% like with GK or something.  I suppose that wasn't the case afterall.

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Re: Theras bane

Nov 10, 2010

Hey GodmodeGod are you a gametester?

How do you get the percentages and such, just curious?

Another Question Why do you call me MRFRENCH??

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Re: Theras bane

Nov 10, 2010

(Game tester) Not by trade, no.  That's precisely what I'm doing, but not with a beta obviously.  This isn't glitch testing either.  I'm unsure a 'tester' would be tasked with doing what I am.

(Percentages) It helps to have seen how the series works in them just telling me (through guides).  Easy tends to be all 200% and Normal at all 100%.  That's a start.  Hard and Very Hard are what need my attention when the guides fail to cover them properly (CoO and GoS).  CoO seemed to have its own ideas about percentiles.  GoS may well conform to GoWIII's mindset so I'll consider that strongly when I pick up testing of HP and MP orb worth in particular.

NOTE: Good God.  The word that is opposite of win/success is censored here?  It must be some manner of game for those that run this place to outdo themselves in the brave field of unnecessary censorship.

NOTE2: HAHAHA!  They censored that word too?  Glorious.  I'll have to tell the gents about this.  They'll certainly find this curiousity of momentary interest.

The procedure differs a bit depending on what I'm testing.

Values are a different matter entirely.  GoW is fairly consistent with Blades values and a few other things.  I was able to quickly test the GoWIII demo despite not having a guide because of this and prior testing experience with GoW1, GoWII and CoO.  The guides give you the HP value of foes in the Bestiary.  Magic is somewhat covered.  Most everything else is up to me.  Sometimes I have to 'check their work' when something is going wrong.

Ex: Finding out that the Satyr air grab in GoW1 does 0 damage (same for air t1 with BotG against Ares 2).

(MrFrench) Seems I may have mistaken you for another fellow is all.  I'm not terribly good with names.  I've never put much stock in them for long-term you see.  It's atypical I remember an individual well.

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Re: Theras bane

Nov 10, 2010

Yes I came across that FAIL=F.AIL which I place a period of  the first letter! There were  a  couple of other words that show up cen sor ship. See I space out cen sor because it will be filter as wrong! I brought it up in  the negative section of the new platform!

It's funny I really don't get into game guides that much. I think the only real incentive of getting a game guide is the artwork that are  contain in them! I think the only game guide that I bought was for Final Fantasy 12 and that book was huge!

To me God of War isn't that hard to need a game guide. Since the gameplay it very linear with some off shoots of hidden stuff. Just last night I was replaying Ghost of Sparta and found a secret room that contain a chest and I thought I had found all of the secret areas. I think with Spartan Mode(hard mode) or God Mode(very hard) It becomes more challenging in terms of game style. I play differently in normal. On normal I just hack and slash my way though! If God of War become more like a open world like Assassins Creed than I may see a game guide needed.

Very interesting nonetheless, for me I don't see the point on having percentages in a game like God of War but that's just me

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Re: Theras bane

Nov 11, 2010

(Censoring) What the Hell are they thinking?  It was fruity at the start, got better than got considerably more rediculous than I've ever seen it be.

(Guides) GoW guides are of limited value.  Art and 'backstory' (for myths) tidbits are nice.  As are pictures of everything and official names. (for lack of 'Arena' in the likes of CoO and GoW1)  Giving stats for orb drops, HP, etc. is terribly useful information for those looking to take the game (considerably) more serious.

They somewhat cover spell damage, but it's not exaclty accurate outside perhaps GoWII.  Damage values are NEVER given.  Percentiles for costumes aren't given in either handheld's guide which creates unnecessary work for me.  Difficulty percentiles aren't given in them either.  They exist (to be found), but it's a glaring waste of my time.

To know exactly what you're getting into is important.  Who among you thought Bane made your strikes stronger?  You would be wrong.  All signs deceived you.  The values are a key to 'truth' in a sense.  Feelings and perception can be wrong.  Indeed they aren't known to be so terribly credible.  RotT for greater damage with MAX'd weapons?  Don't bet on it.  Attack power at a rediculous high?  Don't expect it to matter for most spells much less your grabs.

(Percents) They are are there and serve a clear purpose.  Game changers.  Changes in Armor, Power, various Orb worth, Enemy Aggression, Enemy Recovery, Fire regeneration, Magic Cost, Rage drain, etc.  In GoW1 and GoWII, Armor % controlled the damage of collisions.  If you knew your costume did low damage, you would want means to negate this fact.  If said attire also had lower armor %, you could weaponize this through collisions strong enough to almost entirely overcome both shortcomings as with General Kratos on Very Hard.

Having these numbers is all important for me.  For others, it would be secondary at best.  They help paint a picture of how things are in different settings.  Used to normal?  Say a foe deals a mere 10 damage with a strike and you have the MAX HP bar (200 units).  Not much of a problem given you can get easily 200 units out of a single HP chest due to Orb worth.  On Very Hard, you can look foward to 50 units from a chest and take 50 damage.  Even if you aren't doing a NER where you'll just have base HP (100), that's alot of life to lose.

Should you have a costume with 50% Armor on Very Hard, you'll have 10% Armor (50% of 20%) which translates to 10x damage.  In GoS only, grabs are altered by settings so they can get abnormally strong (the Rabid Hound bite would instant kill you in a NUR+).  Like CoO, Power % affects spell power in GoS.  They are already WEAK and overpriced.  This doesn't help the matter any.  You won't get alot of value in spamming these.

The point is plain to see and they're already there (again).  I'm perturbed about having to figure them out for myself rather than having the guides just tell me them so I have a good headstart for testing the other trash I can 'understand' them not covering in detail.  I, frankly, think they are a lazy and incompetant bunch...these Guide makers.  Especially those used for the handheld titles.  GoWII had the best guide with the worst binding (day one shatter).

NOTE: To use a guide simply to 'progress through the game' is a farcry from how I apply them.  If that's all they could offer me, they wouldn't be worth even downloading them.  I paid for the values/percentiles and official names.  The rest of it can go to Hell.  I'd not pay for their advice, tips, tactics, etc.  It's a guide by casuals for casuals if you're reading the 'bulk' of the book.  It's the opening and closing sections (less than 5%) that have merit.

(Difficulty) Even if it was 'Hard' by default, do you think guides are had for that sort of help?  Guides haven't been useful in that sense for a long, long time.  Even FAQs/walkthroughs by players are often rubbish.  Getting a vet to do them would be ideal (and that IS the word for it as you would be lucky for such a thing to occur).

Normal is simply meant for casuals.  Pure and simple.  Very Hard is a light challenge with at least one frustrating bit (by design) and heavy drops in percentiles/values *along with more aggressive foes* to simulate greater challenge.  GoS uses many such tricks to be 'harder' than it really is.  Off-screen antics are just some of the disgusting choices made.  Keres Wraiths and Geryon are among the greatest offenders in terms of the Bestiary.  Specialty runs are where you can start to find some challenge (if not much greater frustration through the same areas of bad design/balancing).

(Linear) I don't know that anyone should buy a GoW guide for instructions of how to go from point-to-point.  They were never really that helpful with puzzles either.  Video walkthroughs do a much better job of "showing" how it's done when it is at all necessary to demonstrate.  Chest locations are decently covered.

>Open world

Bleh.  Not my thing.

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Re: Theras bane

Nov 12, 2010

Didn't I answer the question of this thread?

Also, more testing results:

lvl3 HoB

Atlantis Female (6HP) - N/A *they die too quickly*

Atlantis Male (6HP) - N/A

Atlantis Female (10HP) - N/A *more resistance than HP which shouldn't happen*
NOTE: Guide doesn't cover the above at all
Automaton (200HP) - N/A *all armor*

Cursed Remains (50HP) - 2 hits for statue - 20 statue HP
NOTE: This being a foe that instant dies if you HC (Hyperion Charge) them and dies in two grabs. Again, decent effect being negated by stupid shit. This foe shouldn't have 20HP as a statue anyway. 5 seems more appropriate. GoWII had them at 3.

Rabid Hound (35HP) - 2 hits for statue - 20 statue HP

Cursed Wretch (30HP) - 2 hits for statue - 5 statue HP *this is more like it*

Cyclops (250HP) - 4/9/12 hits for statue - 50 statue HP
NOTE: AoS air L+o and R+t/R+T can instant kill statues it seems despite not having enough damage to do so. R+T deals about 50 damage to large targets like this *i-frames during "O" it appears*. Damage just isn't as stable as I'd like to be honest. I suppose possible damage even caps at each "O" so you can't just instant kill the Cyclops. Well...this is true for this foe at least. Not so elsewhere it seems. Air L+o isn't terribly strong. Perhaps it is only a perk for large targets. Or maybe especially small foes don't get hit twice as I crushed a gorgon with a 36 damage (if both 18s land) strike when I need 40 damage. It certainly wouldn't be enough on Very Hard yet it still works. It also seems to require a double jump >____>. So it works on anyone that gets petrified. Air Shield Charge will instant kill after an Icarus Lift and I don't know why...

Cyclops Tyrant (300HP) - 4/9/12 hits for statue - 50 statue HP (with armor taken off)

NOTE: Resistance is effected by settings to a degree. Why would this do this for petrificaton? It was never effected by settings before. So easy is twice as effective. Very Hard didn't seem different for the 2 hit cases. It took 4 hits for Cyclops on Easy and 12 for Very Hard. I suppose I should not Easy, Normal and Very Hard differences here on in. *edits Cyclops posts*

E/N-H/VH is the order in presentation.

Gorgon (150HP) - 3/5/7 hits for statue - 40 statue HP

Fire Harpling (25HP) - 1 hit for statue - shatter

Harpy (60HP) - 2 hits for statue - shatter

Harpy Widow (40HP) - 2 hits for statue - shatter

Hoplite Soldier (55HP) - 2 hits for statue - 30 statue HP

Hoplite Sentry (90HP) - 2 hits for statue - 30 statue HP *grab whoring, but this isn't so bad an investment against a group*.

NOTE: Break out speed testing is going to have to wait if indeed there is a difference to note.

Hoplite Archer (20HP) - 2 hits for statue - 30 statue HP *HAHAHA It gets more HP as a statue*

Hoplite Guard (75HP) - 2 hits for statue - 30 statue HP *after armor breaks*

Boreas Spawn (50HP) - 2/4/5 hits for statue - 20 statue HP
NOTE: The guide was wrong. It doesn't have 21HP...

Dredge of Boreas (400HP) - N/A

Scylla Brood (10HP) - 1 hit for statue - 10 statue HP

Piraeus Lion (500HP) - N/A

NOTE: Like the Automaton, this foe cannot be killed through reducing life to zero outside the case of Zeus who doesn't have mini-game kills available.

Keres Wraith (120HP) - 3/5/7 hits for statue - 40 statue HP *no match for the AoS's double jump SC*

Minotaur (120HP) - 3/5/7 hits for statue - 40 statue HP

NOTE: AoS R+t seems to instant kill beyond its power only for large foes where L+o *as noted* can do this to any foe.

Minotaur Brute (240HP) - 3/5/7 hits for statue - 40 statue HP

Raven (20HP) - 1 hit for statue - instant kill

Satyr (140HP) - 2/4/5 hits for statue -30 statue HP

Geryon (350HP) - 4/9/12 hits for statue - 50 statue HP

NOTE: R+t didn't instant kill him. R+T worked. Double Jump L+o still works wonders for no apparent reason.

Triton Soldier (20HP) - 2/4/5 hits for statue - 30 statue HP

Triton Lord (120HP) - 2/4/5 hits for statue - 30 statue HP

Triton Assassin (15HP) - 2/4/5 hits for statue - 30 statue HP

NOTE: In GoWIII, we didn't have such a spell, but petrification factored. It could even more easily air shatter targets than in the past as only partial petrification was needed (worked on Kratos too, but we had a way to negate this that wasn't tricky at all).

If I had to guess, Gorgon Stare or Rage (the latter being exclusive to the QTE kill of Gorgons) is just another form of 'freezing' in this outing so the statue HP issue should be the same.

Blades (lvl4)

s1 - 6
s2 - 6
s3 - 12
s4 - 6/6
s5 - 6/6
s6 - 24

S - 12 *knockback only on foes off their feet*

t0 - 18
t1 - 18
t2 - 9/9
t3 - 36
T - 6
NOTE: Can be canceled out of with weapon switch

(air) s1 - 6
(air) s2 - 6
(air) s3 - 12
(air) t1 - 6/6

L+s - 3/3/3/3/3/3/3/3/3/9 *36* damage
(air) L+s - 3/3/3/3/3/3/3/3/3/3 *30* damage
L+t - 5/5/5/5/5/5/15 *45* damage
(air) L+t - 6/9/6/9/6 *36* damage (?)
L+x - 60 damage

(Counter) 30 damage

(Run/Evade) square - 12 damage *knockback for off balance foe*

(Run/Evade) triangle - 3/3 damage

Arms of Sparta (lvl4)

s1 - 12
s2 - 12
s3 - 42 *knockback*
t1 - 12 *launch w/o pursue*
t0a - 36
t0b - 36 *bounce*

(air) s1 - 9
(air) t1 - 15 *bounce*

L+s - 5/4/4/3/3/9 *knockback* (?)
NOTE: You can cancel this version with a weapon switch
NOTE2: Can turn while using *same for air*
(air) L+s - 1.5/1.5/1.5/3
L+t - 30
NOTE: Can hit for 60 if you hold it just until it flashes. Impressive.  Instead of a bounce, it'll cause a launch.  Well, the ground version will anyway.
(air) L+t - 30
NOTE: Same bonus, but I don't think it works unless you at least double jump.
L+o - 5/5/5/5/30
(air) L+o - 18/18
NOTE: Usually hits once unless you get a foe in the air with you when you make contact. Instant kills frozen/petrified foes no matter what so long as you use it after a double jump.
R+s - 12
R+S - 6/6/6/6/6/6/6/6 *48* damage
(air) R+s - 12
NOTE: It seems the spear specials aren't altered by Power %
R+t - 30
R+T - 36/10
NOTE: Can hit large targets for the extra damage noted

(Counter) 30

(Evade/Run) square - 18 damage *knockbacks when downed*
(Evade/Run) triangle - 12 damage
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