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Re: Ghost of Sparta Costume

Nov 19, 2010

Devilhunter_PS wrote:

GodModeGOD wrote:

Pity we didn't have...

~A **** petrificaiton spell rather than overpriced freezing imatation

well if you hold the button it works almost as good as the just cant move and the enemies might get pushed away.i usually either lauch a black hole to hold the enemies in place(if its keres wraiths)or launch the enemies in the air and they immediately break

>Almost as good

No.  Not quite.  With Deimos and effective usage in mind?  Sure.

It's overpriced.  Do you know the HPs of statues, number of hits for MAX'd HoB on each difficult to 'freeze' a given target, have familiarity with the expensive nature of the thing, etc.?  I happen to.  And still say it's overpriced.

If they had better checked the statue HPs, it would likely receive a kinder review.  Someone playing on Easy would likely have a much more positive view of it, but that same person would have no reason to bother anyway.

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Re: Ghost of Sparta Costume

Jan 20, 2011

can u get a costume in easy mode? like diemos or something?

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