Jan 08 2013
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"The Champion" style build!

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Ok been playing so far (till i got my stats reset due to 1.09 patch) and i was lvl 30 Ares and lvl 30 Zeus.


Now as far as i know Zeus is a bit tricky with the **bleep** magic, but Ares totally kick **bleep** with Brutal Strength!


Here is the build and combo that will kill any enemy so fast you won't even notice lol.


- Gladiator Armor (it's available only if u played before holidays but i heard they will bring TFG back)

- Gladiator Lower Armor

- Gladiator Helmet

- Gladiator Hammer (slow, but devastating attack)

(during gameplay you'll power up them to lvl 3 Smiley Happy


Trust me you need as much protection as available. You don't won't to run around like a fool with 1% of health right?


Godly Combo :

1) L1+Square (devastating ground hit with large impact that will uppercut enemies) than R1 (Grapple them).

2) After that enemy is recoving, press L3 to run towards him then press O (physical attack).

3) Enemy is recovering again, Jump to Mid-Air then press Triangle. Now the enemy is either stunned, or running away. Both ways press R1 to grapple them and the enemy is finished.


What can be avoided with :

If the enemy presses L2 to recover AND/OR enemy Grapples you when you run towards them before physical attack (step 2 or 3). 


This provided combo will work 95% of time, and you can be a God on the Battlefield.

Oh and also if enemy is hitting you, don't dodge (he'll Grapple you) but instead Parry him.



You have done a great job so far. A God of War Multiplayer is truly AWESOME. Everything the combos, armor, combat totaly looks great. Even NET runs fine and has no lags (as to me presonally). Keep up the good work!


Thanks for your time, GloryofSpartans.

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Re: "The Champion" style build!

Jan 8, 2013
There are a few combos that work well with Ares, but by all means Zeus is a much better class...unless you hate the magic side of him.
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