Apr 10 2013
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multiplayer tounament anyone?

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I have been thinking about an idea for a tournament style multiplayer mode for god of war ascension . I wanted to put it out to see what people think?. And hopefully Santa Monica doing something with it or at least give them an idea for future god of war games. To explain the idea better I will break it down into sections;


1.Tournament rules.


The tournament would consist of  four rounds with eight players going head to head. The first six players with three kills each will be taken into the next round, the last two players being eliminated. The next round would follow the same pattern, with six players going through and two being eliminated again. This would continue until the final two players are left. Once the victor is declared, the player would proceed through to another room where he would receive his reward/prize. More on that later!


2. The levels.


The whole tournament would have mount Olympus as its backdrop, for example;

Stage 1. Foot of the mountain

Stage 2. Cliff face

Stage 3. Entrance to Olympus

Stage 4. The great hall

All levels would have the usual traps and health points etc, I think this balances out the game better so its not just level 30 guys who enter and nobody else gets a look in. I like the idea of the final level being just player vs. player, with no traps etc, that way it should just come down to who is the most skilful player, ideally. As for the rewards/prizes, I was thinking the player would have a choice to pick from three chests.


3. Rewards/prizes


1. An Olympus weapon (sword, hammer, spear)

2. A new kind of magic

3. New Olympus armour (boots, helmet and armour)

These items will have a certain look that would let other online players know that you are a tournament winner, because lets face it, Everybody wants something nobody else has! These items can be upgraded in any other multiplayer game. Also of note is that all players would receive points according to their respective finishes. And lastly, I think the name ‘ascent of Olympus’ is quit fitting for this tournament.

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