Dec 20 2012
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THANK YOU Santa monica for this AWESOME MP but it would be The Best if take these thoughts UN mind and work on it : 1- the grappling( R1) sometimes its not responsive for running enemy or launched and ever for stunned ( excution) for some players in the match you can grapple but some u cannot grapple or perform execution ( I think because they have weak connection you can see that they also not response on hits in combos but they still in the game) actually the best part u like in this MP is grappling and performing brutal kill So please this is the fun part so you need to make perfect. 2. the lag here is a big problen( for some players).. you cant grapple you cant hit you cant know is your opponent in combos or not and thats realy realy annoying 3. there is only 4 ways for brutal kills we want more so you unlock as you level up new and more brutal kills that you can choose from you charecter main screen so you can choose 4 brutal kills that will performed randomly in the match when executing an enemy that would be really AMAZING so if you reached the highest level you will unlock the most bloody brutal kill that low level player can see it but cant get it so he get excited for leveling up and playing more and more. 5- we want to be able to be without armor 6- we need to customize the avatar with skin hair and beard. 4 . I love this game thanks Todd and all the team you are the best
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Re: hopes

Dec 20, 2012
I like the brutal kill idea, pretty sweet.

I hope for customization too, but the one we're all awaiting for (tattoos) is coming when the full game launches. But yeah, the guy does look kinda funky and instead of everyone running around as the same guy we could have a little bit of customization.
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