Jan 19 2013
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god of war ascension beta problems that need to be fixed!!

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So far I have seen many problems with this beta which i will be heavily disappointed in if i see them in the game. For example, I have 4 friends who always want to play G.O.W ascension with me but there is no party system or any way of my friends to play with me on my team. Also, when i'm getting brutal killed or im brutal killing some1, sometimes the camera just shows me the floor 20 feet away or there is no audio of the brutal killing. There is alo the spear of olympus which if u luckily get it and have full health u kill EVERYONE, THAT IS HOW FREAKING OVERPOWERED IT IS against players on the enemy team. SOME1 PLEASE FIX MOST PROBLEMS AND IM BUYING GOD OF WAR!!!!

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