Jun 15 2013
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**bleep** All of new update ranking

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I dont care about chatting about games but I'm pretty outraged about this new ranking **bleep**! It's hard as hell to kill people over lv 40 and I have all my characters at lv 37. They need to stop making things more **bleep**ed up.  They should just leave it the way it was having characters maxed out at lv 35 but changed it to 40 and now beyond. I'm a pretty good player but there's an unfair advantage to me and others that are just starting. It seems I have to hit a person over lv 40 with every thing I got while they hit me like a few times and im already stunned. **bleep**! If there going to make it that way then characteres who exceed 40 should play people at that lv and not below if there just regular because it takes the whole fun out of a game that was actully something I liked before this **bleep** update. If anyone agrees speak up and let the devolopers know cause multiplayer is no good anymore.

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