Jan 09 2013
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basic overview

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the visuals are as always fantastic but what is lacking as of now is a versatility of characters even within the two gods available. Yes this is based on the bulky god of war but to keep it being from stun lock central different classes should be available within each god class. That way its even for all and not just constant smash and kill. I know that is the goal but previous franchises have shown there are multiple ways to play god of war. Thats my opinion of late but i will test the beta in the eveent of more changes.

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Re: basic overview

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Jan 9, 2013

I think we'll see a lot more diversity in the full game that we won't see in the beta. It probably won't be necessary to develop sub-classes for Gods because many of the current choices for your character will be considerably expanded.


What do you mean by multiple ways to play God of War? It's not like Kratos could switch to a medic or spy, etc.


Just curious.

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