Mar 29 2013
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I have been toggling with Zeus for few days, and it is really a fun character.

Zeus is defined as "battle mage."

General view of Zeus: He is too weak!
My opinion: Really powerful and fun character to use when you are able to spam magic. This depends on your skills.

I havent really touched lv25 weapons, so I will avoid any mention of any weapon.
There are really two things you have to know about this character.
1) Items
There is an item that lets you move around in speed of light, evading combos. I recommend that. I will explain why.
There are relic of chance and relic that lets you regenerate magic when at low health.
My view? Relic that lets you regenerate mana when at low health.

So these two will let you be really powerful. Basically, you will get beat up a lot by someone so that you'll have like 1/4 of your health. Your magic will start to regenerate, but what if you die? So use an item that lets you teleport away from the enemy. Spam teleport as long as you can to avoid the enemy. By this time, your magic will be about half full. Run around some more, making the enemy think that you're basically helpless...... Then, bam. You can use the lightning strike(forgot the name, but an electric shot that pulls enemy toward you. Use this, and your enemy will be probably dead if he had about the same amount of health or just a little more. So basicsally. You can turn the table.
This is really useful because you will be able to spam magic - the whole point of Zeus. It grants you an ability to evade anyone's attack and go up to them and use devastating magic.
All these can be pulled off, but it is not that easy to do. Just make sure you make use of your magic power.

Hope this helps! Smiley Happy
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Mar 29, 2013
I've just got to lvl 30 today, and I've been playing with Zeus for 10 days (my first allegiance).

I used Blade of Zeus until I unlocked the Sword. This one is way better as the L1 + T allows you to create lightning waves which can ring out and deal huge elemental power.

As for the item, I haven't tried out the Hyperion one since I've hear you can be grappled. Also, I use Relic of Chance, so I don't need to get low life to get magic. I need to kill, open chest, use magic or die in order to get magic. I think that the one which recover magic when low life is nice for TotG with team mate.

As item, I use the shield. You're invincible for 3.5 seconds, which can come handy to get the Chalice, or the Flag, or when cornered.

For the magic, I use Reckoning of Zeus. Why? Because you place the ball and then you're free to run or hit. If you use it twice, you pretty much kill anyone, so it would be 2 seconds to active both uses and bam, enemy is dead, locked in the lightning for 8 seconds until he/she meets his/her death.

I've played the TotG with another lvl 30 Zeus today, and we managed to get on the last round every time, but still didn't win it. The Lightning Storm is really good for crowd control.

I like Zeus a lot, and I think it's good as any other god. What matters is skill. I've been crushed by some Ares', but I've crushed others as well.

So in the end, you need to be good, no matter your allegiance.

Smiley Wink
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You were alway Zeus' favorite!

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