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Re: Why No Female Warriors For Multiplayer?

Jan 13, 2013
GMG is funny but seriously I never thought of women being in the MP maybe they could be Amazonian to keep up with the men possibly?
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Re: Why No Female Warriors For Multiplayer?

Jan 13, 2013

Wow some of these comments are really sexist. I'm female and don't really mind not having a female avatar/character but some of these comments don't have anything to do with the game or what is going on.  The game isn't historically accurate so to use this as and excuse is mute. However Artemis was the leader of the Amazonian Women a  tribe or nation of entirely female warriors ( yep still greek mythology).  So even if you go this route they had them.......


For the posts that says that Athena is somehow is disgraced ( odd that you even have a comment about Medusa's power's and appear to know a little of mythology to say a certain god/goddess sucked) .... Please brush up on your mythology and see how Medusa came to be. She pretty much did the disgracing herself.


As for cost and animation work....really there isn't much that needs to be done ,only to make the figure all the animation is done......


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Re: Why No Female Warriors For Multiplayer?

Jan 13, 2013
Dirt: >how come
Haven't kept up, old boy? The rig/model. Fitting an appropriate female skin upon it would not work. They would need a new one. With that come redoing all the hit boxes/detection, balancing and animation (pretty much all of them).

Of course, they cite some amusing things they should as well (wouldn't be pretty, there would be whining about tearing human women apart, etc.).

They're not wrong about the violence against women thing being sure to generate outcry though. Even with as brutal as Kratos has been in the past, he's been very easy on the gals by comparison. Human females have been shattered (one in a cutscene took a hit to the neck *his family got a slash that clearly didn't touch them*), but not so brutally beaten as males.

Among the gods, the men get it something terrible. Athena gets impaled (by accident) and nothing more. Aphrodite gets sex (rather than the intended kick down a hole after trying to stab us). Hera gets her neck snapped quickly (bloodless). Artemis is forgotten. Persephone gets punched in the gut (turns to light). The human looking deities do not bleed. Unless they are ugly (like Clotho). Consider this well, son.

So then, what of the 'monster girls'? Full equality and all that come with it. Heads ripped off, face stabbing and loads of brutalizing. But to have MP Champions (Females) *even if the work for realizing it was just suddenly and magically done* getting split open, disemboweled, curb stomped, etc.? I just don't see that going over well.

Lord Kratos: >funny
I'm a regular comedian. But who's joking?

They would need one breast sliced off regarding their Archery mythos. Also, she-men who fit the rig of Kratos (as with the other Champions). So, it won't happen as the devs won't do the extra work for such a minor thing (that would be controversial). Especially when it would produce hideous girls (not loved by men who play vidya).

To taunt those that would suggest it knowing all this, I suggest a Tranny Kratos (if not Kratos in Drag). Because I'm classy, you see. Maybe cover him in belts, zippers, leather, give him lovely white, long hair, sparkles, etc. to anime him up to appeal to this same RPG group of guys wanting to "be the little girl".

Lucas: >some
Do tell.

>really sexist
How easily you are impressed, friend. But no, not really.

>I'm female
A likely story.

>don't have anything to do with the game
Sure they do.

>isn't historically accurate
Your point?

That isn't the word for what you're trying to say.

>Artemis was
An absolute joke among fighters. She got her **bleep** beat by Hera (who got throttled by Kratos). Aphrodite got bodied by a normal mortal (not even a demi-god). Athena is the only real warrior. Artemis only stands out against humans (not so much demi-gods *which comprise pretty much all 'heroes'*).

Athena already has the best champion and he's in SP.

>leader of Amazons
Oh, you.

Things didn't go well for them. Herc the Jerk saw to that.

>Athena is disgraced
You disagree that her treatment in GoWIII was disrespectful? Explain yourself.

>brush up
>implying one version of mythology
*glove slap*
You have much to learn, my boy.

>did the disgracing herself
You having a go at Athena? Unwise. She's the Saint of GoW and among the best in all of Greek Mythology. Friend to Nike (victory herself). Favorite of Zeus (able to use the Aegis, Medusa's Head and his thunderbolts).

And you would pick a pathetic woodland outcast like Artemis over her? Why do you insist on a small timer? At least you didn't pick Ares. That would be truly sad. Granted, the GoW version of him is more like his treatment in Rome as Mars (not so poor at his job or in standing).

All this said, Nyx would trounce every last one of them. Vanquisher of mortals and gods. Pity about how Typhon got misrepresented in GoWII. He could have been something.

>as for cost and animation
Here we go.

NOTE: The ellipsis is as such "...". Don't **bleep** it out. It deserves better. Using it for dramatic effect as you've done is just poor form.

>isn't much that needs to be done
Says you, fella. Take it up with Papy as another chap did (time and again).

>only to make the figure
>all the animation is done
Come now. You don't see where you've made an error with this thinking?
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Re: Why No Female Warriors For Multiplayer?

Jan 13, 2013

My name is not Lucas  and if we are going by what happened to everyone are the Spartans still in power/ around? I said Athena did the disgracing herself and gave the example....... look it up. Drag has nothing to do with a female character and this is a sexist and offensive comment . Someone has an idea and this is a beta forum for the game not trash talk central. An appropriate level of discussion should be allowed by anyone without attacks to gender or race. Please don't assume you know a person from their profile as you are clearly wrong.


Also all the grammar and word correcting shows intolerance to those whos first language isn't English. This is in English forum and many play and are trying to better the game that aren't from English speaking countries but wish to participate in improvement of the game.


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Re: Why No Female Warriors For Multiplayer?

Jan 14, 2013

how about this why cant we play us a  black  guy hello rome  had blacks in it and no they where not slaves and spartans where  haft black and  white they where not full black everyone and there mom know this spartans use to be more of a warrior race so they use to merry  whit who ever had more skills in combat  not base on race  base on combat skills

so give us black color or tan color skin warriors and we  be game

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Re: Why No Female Warriors For Multiplayer?

Jan 14, 2013

I'd actually like to see a female warrior, but I wouldn't care too much if it wasn't included in the final game. The 5th god might be Athena so who knows maybe Female warriors will make their way in to the game come release.


PS. It's good to see some of the old posters still here like GodModeGod and FreshRevenge. I remember coming in here every day and having discussions about a trailer or screenshots or analyzing the crap out of little things before GOW3.

"If all on Olympus will deny me my vengeance, then all on Olympus will die"- Kratos, GOW2
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Re: Why No Female Warriors For Multiplayer?

[ Edited ]
Jan 14, 2013

Why do people bring up historical facts? No one cares. Customization (gender, armour colour,  muscle, skin tone etc) would only help this game. There's no reason to be against it. Being a bald guy with the same appearance is dull, hopefully this idea was for the beta specifically and that they expand on the retail version.

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Re: Why No Female Warriors For Multiplayer?

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Jan 14, 2013

This is in reply to all of GodModeGOD's posts:


Why are you so ****ing annoying. Stop being such a pompous **bleep**. You're so ignorant that you can't even fathom the fact that other peoples opinions might be more preferred than your own. Next time you want to give your opinion, try to be a little more open minded and not such an insufferable know-it-all. Thanks.

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Re: Why No Female Warriors For Multiplayer?

Jan 14, 2013

haha yes well said 

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Re: Why No Female Warriors For Multiplayer?

Jan 15, 2013
Lucas: >not Lucas
Sure it is. It is right in the old username, friend.

>going by what happened
Sounds like a plan.

>still isn't catching on
Mythology has multiple tellings for the same things. Parentage, deaths, feats, etc. Do keep up.

>nothing to do with
Sure it does. It has everything to do with mocking those who concern themselves with such an unimportant consideration (for a feature that is itself a heresy) as MP.

This talk of wanting to be the little girl. What is it with the boys of JRPGs? A strange lot, these fans. Something about them attracts the sort of chap who fancies pretending to be a pretty young girl (to gawk at).

>this is a
Very tasteful affront to those who would be so foolish as to push for the likes of this knowing full well the reasons it shall not be done Senseless, really. This matter was covered early on.

>someone has a bad idea
Better to have kept up and not re-submitted a failed suggestion. Save such unsightly things for the Beta forum. That hole still around?

>without attacks
You seem awfully thin of skin, my boy. We should work on that. It is no good to read everything as an attack and overreact. I'd be happy to help with that.

While we're at it, why not teach you to play GoW properly? Perhaps we'll go over Greek Myth too. One thing at a time though. Run history should be addressed first. How about it?

>their profile
Should there be something worth reading in yours, sport? Is run history denoted? That would be useful.

>clearly wrong
About what?

>shows intolerance
Of ineffective communication. As you should know, effective communication is paramount. Note this well.

>not their first language
And I render aid upon these non-natives and the youth among us who are sloppy to the point that it almost seems they pride themselves on looking like they're on a social networking site among young girls. That you take such help as an attack is telling. You have a bully complex. You see affronts where there are none (rather than appreciating the aid rendered and learning from it).

>an English forum

That cover you too, lad?

You forgot the comma.

>improvement of this game
They should start by removing MP. It is a cancer.

Gal: >how about
You start with capitals and end in punctuation? That would be swell.

>concerned with race beyond accuracy
Come now. Spartans and Trojans, lad.

Is a proper noun. Also, wrong country and time period. They are a bunch of nobodies at this point (weak Italians who haven't been taught to fight yet). The Latins will do their thing later. We are in a fantasy version of Ancient Greece. Remember this well.

NOTE: Kratos is as close as they're going to get. Be content with this. He's the best. Athena has him as her champion. What's not to love? SP is tops.

>where not
How very careless.

>they were

You didn't imply ownership.

>warrior race
That stayed home (in Sparta), made a ruling system designed to get nothing done, were extremely serious about their religion, enslaved their fellow Greeks to tend their fields (and waged annual mock wars to keep them in line and train new Spartans), etc. You don't exactly come off as knowing much about them with this pop culture talk.

>marry based on skill in combat
Oh, you.

>not based on race
I'm fairly confident that would be a huge concern for an Ancient Greek.

>or tan
Kratos is already tan (though they keep messing it up when he is stripped of the ashes). The Champions are trash. All of them. MP is a travesty.

Angel: >Athena
>using female warriors
Unlike Artemis, she was no misandrist, feminist. She was a manly and successful war god(dess). She didn't let foolishness by association drag her down. She was wise.

As for her Champion, only the best would be acceptable. She has him already. He's often argued to be what Gal argues for (but isn't). Put him in drag (bettter still, post-op) and we've got it all. A 'black' 'woman' "who don't need no man".

Ah, that's who it was. I couldn't remember his name.

Davie: >why

>no one
Absolutes are absolutely tricky business, son.

>would only help
No. MP is a distraction as a whole. Any addition to it is a hindrance.

>is dull
Gameplay, boy. Don't play for the dressing.

Cookie: >why are you
So mad? A fine question deserves a fine answer, tiger. So who about it? What has you so cross?

No, you.


>so ignorant
A word often better fit to those that would use it, don't you think?

>more preferred
That the majority can be wrong is not a detail that escapes me, son.

That you leave your nerves all over the ground (like a slob) is no fault of my own. Take responsibility.

You wanting to be taught how to play GoW? I'm taking this as a sly request for evaluation. You don't have to be so dramatic to get my attention. If you want to learn the ropes, I'm game.

Gaul: >well said
>doesn't start with a capital or end in punctuation
>forced laughter
I don't know about all that.
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