Jan 07 2013
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When do you think we'll get Jan 8th patch(if there's any)?

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Now there's great reason to believe that Hades and Poseidon will be available when beta goes public, now we might require a patch for them OR they're available already but require some server unlock. Wondering what time frame patch would be cause Dev team has no way of knowing when PS store updates for beta release and thus wouldn't be able to release patch at same time, even more so the fact that we'll get levels reset, makes sense tomorrow but would that also require patch? Cause we'd still get a headstart on PS+. Also TF will probably be back tomorrow so I really hope we get a new map for it(PS+ will whine same map for 2 modes BTW). I expect it to be around 5-6 EST as PS Store usually is 7-8 EST thus that way we won't get a big headstart on PS+.........BTW is it just level reset or do we also lose our weapons/armors?

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