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Re: .What God Alliance Will You Choose.

Jan 31, 2013

basically if u have enough skill you could get around zeus' magic, i remeber when the beta was stillon the first I went to was poseidon then it said locked for beta then went straight for ares cause hes a complete "B@D A$$" i started playing online and almost every match i played was filled with zeus warriors, so after that i tried to pick zeus and didnt like anything about so ended up going back to Ares and let me tell u i wrecked zeus warriors there were some with enough skill to defeat me but not really especially in "favor of the gods=1v1v1v1" Im not just trying to boast my skill but i totally wrecked, it took a real zeus warrior that acctually knew how to use him properly to defeat me and also some ares warriors...


Poseidon and Ares FTW!!

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